Meet Readers: Dee, Vince, Michael, Stacy, Melanie & Alanna

Meet ReadersFor this week's 52WoC task, I asked folks to do a Reader Spotlight. So, I thought I'd do this too and catch up on my (supposedly regular) feature. That's the Meet My Readers section, based on the Tell Me About You project.

I'm way behind on this. In fact, I'm so behind that I'm now sharing readers who were once bloggers... But, over the last year or so, seemed to have stopped blogging.

Well, a promise is a promise. I said I'll feature anyone who leaves a comment in this project, so I'm here to do just that.

  • Dee - A homeschooling mom, who seemed to have stopped blogging almost a year ago. Sending her my good thoughts, still...
  • Vince Chan - He's a 20-something guy who found my blog via Ryze. His blog is still 'live' - but the last entry was dated May 2007. So, yeah... another one reader who seemed to have stopped blogging.
  • Michael Schaffer - A 40-something Texan who found my blog via my former work at About.com. He likes techno-gadgets, roleplaying games, boardgames and books the most. He said he also likes reading about people and what they are thinking. Again, Michael seemed to have stopped blogging some time in 2006.
  • Stacy - A 20-something creative lady who found me via Karen Cheng. She decided to stop blogging in her site in October 2007. Aw.
  • Melanie - Called herself the "Psycho Soccer Mom". Found me via Mercy's blog. And, it looks like her blog is also gone - and has become some kind of archive blog for Home Drug Testing. 🙁
  • Alanna Spence - Yay! Finally, a blogger/reader who's still blogging after all these years. She's an artist who also worked as a freelancer. Found this blog via the search engine typing "freelance writer blog". Nice. She's very talented and creative. And, she Twitters too!

OK. I think that's all we've got for this round. Here's to hoping I'll be able to do this more often, so I can catch up with about a hundred more comments. Heh. Thanks again to everyone who has been really patient with this feature. Wish you all the best!

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