Web Wednesday #10: Ten Fun (and Somewhat Useful?) Things Online

Web Wednesday with Shai CogginsNo matter how long I've been a web user, I can never stop being amazed at the depth of the online world. There's just so much stuff out there! OK, granted, there are plenty of bad stuff - but, if you look at the good stuff... Wow! Definitely makes up for all the bad bits, right? I mean - just in this week's web finds alone, I managed to look at the Internet right way up, upside down, looking back in to the past - and way in to the future. How incredible is all that?

So go, explore, and continue to be amazed at this thing called the web...

1. Flip - ¿uÊ?op Ç?pısdn Ç?ʇıɹÊ? É?uuÉ?Ê? Try this. 🙂 I 'discovered' this via Twitter, thanks to Busymom. And no, I promise never to do a full blog post upside down. At least, not today. 😉

2. 10 Really Useful Greasemonkey Scripts for Flickr - If you're a Flickrite, you might find some of these scripts useful to install.

3. Photomatix - Want to get in to HDR photography? This software/plugin opens up a new world of post processing goodness for folks interested in digital photography. I haven't tested it out yet but some of those who recommend it definitely come up with some interesting pics. It works with Win and Mac. There's a free trial version, but you do have to pay if you want the full thing.

4. Wayback Machine - This is not a new thing. But, I've started using this feature from the Internet Archive a bit lately because I needed to recover some old articles I have that have gone missing. Just input the old URL of the web page you're looking for and - voila! - you get a blast from the web past. Really handy! Definitely had been a lifesaver for me.

5. Skitch - This is a free image editing software for Macs. Lots of cool features - including its own image hosting, FTP, screenshots and video image capture. It works with iPhoto too! I like it a lot, but I find myself missing some of ImageWell's functions. So, I don't know if I'll make a full switch. I'm keeping it in my App folder for now though. Thanks, Jami, for your recommendation!

6. FutureMe - Been wondering what it'll be like to receive a letter from a past self. I don't think I've ever tried to talk to a 'future me' before. Maybe one of these days I'll try this service - and see what it's like.

7. Reuse Crafts - I'm not *overly* green, but I do like to try. One of the things I enjoy doing is recycling/reusing stuff, especially for arts and crafts. This page has some nifty ideas that'll be cool to try one day.

8. Fabric Origami Workshop - I haven't done origami in years. But, this one looks so fun! And beautiful.

9. Simple Firefox Tricks and Tips - Always something new to learn, huh?

10. Uber - A free service for photographers who wish to create professional-looking portfolios and slideshows. It comes with a photo blog function, and image protection (not sure how), unlimited storage, among others. I haven't fully tested the service yet, but it looks good. If you've given it a go, let me know what you think of it!

Well, that wraps up this week's finds. So, what's next to amaze us on the web, I wonder?

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