52WoC #9: More Social Networking Fun

52 Weeks of Blog CommunityWelcome to week #9 of our 52 Weeks of Blog Community project. And yep - we're in Month 3 now. Yay.

So, what's our community goal this time?

Well, you know that I'm doing an informal mini-social networking study right now. So, in line with that theme, this week's task is all about social networks too.

What do you need to do to participate?

Just leave a comment here with a link to one (or more) of your social networking profiles. Then, try to visit a fellow participant's social network page. If you're only visiting one, please visit the page of the commenter *before* you (Commenter #1 can get a 'free' ride - or visit mine :-); Commenter #2 visits Commenter #1's URL, Commenter #3 visits Commenter #2, etc etc). But, if you're visiting more than one, you're welcome to visit any that you're interested in (plus the one before you! ;-)).

When you visit that participant's page, please let him/her know that you were there by doing ONE (or more) of the suggestions below. You can either:
1) Participate in their page (if they have a column, survey, etc);
2) Send a message or leave a guestbook comment;
3) Give them a virtual gift (if possible);
4) Send them a Twit (if it's Twitter);
5) Add him/her as a contact/friend (if you know them; or if you want to introduce yourself to them).

Hope this isn't too tricky to do! In any case, you're always welcome to contact me if you have any questions or clarifications.

Anyway, if anyone's interested, I'm working on my social networking page right here.

Seeing as this is this is the first task in Month 3, all participants this week will be the first batch of folks to be eligible for the next raffle.

And, what're Month 3's Raffle Prizes?

Yep. You read that right. There are at least 2 prizes to be handed out this time around. One is a custom-made art journal*. And, another one's a b5media gear (not sure yet what I can manage to find - shirt, pen, etc - but will definitely get one for the winner ;-)).

In any case, here's a round-up of our participants from last week's Blog Carnival Lovin' task:

Thanks again to all our participants! Please remember that we're having our Month 2 Virtual Party soon (14th March 08). I'll be doing Weeks #5 to #8 round-up - and a raffle draw of US$30 Winner's Choice Award.

* See a sample custom-made art journal. You'll get a new one made by me. Anyway, more on this in another post perhaps.

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