52WoC#10: Collab Project Help

52 Weeks of Blog CommunityHey, hey, hey! We're on Week #10 of our 52 Weeks of Blog Community Project.

And, this week's task is both a help alert and a double whammy. ๐Ÿ™‚

As some of you may be aware of, I've launched the Art Journal Collaboration Project a few days ago, in conjunction with our 52WoC Month 3's prize of a customised art journal.

At this time, I've only received 2 entries so far. And, I'm hoping that I can encourage a few more of you to participate, so we can come up with more pages for the art journal. Hence, this week's task! ๐Ÿ˜‰

All you need to do to be included in Week #10's round-up next week is to participate in the art journal collab by leaving a comment saying 1) Your favourite colour and 2) The first word that comes to your mind at the time.

By doing this, you get TWO chances to win an art journal - both the main art journal and the mini art journal. This is only effective between today, 17th Mar 08 to 24th Mar 08, while Week #10 is on. Once Week 10's done, the art journal collab project may continue (if we don't reach the target 20 pages yet), but entries will no longer be counted for 52WoC.

PLEASE NOTE: You must leave your collab project entries in the original art journal collab post only, not in this post. Thank you!

Easy peasy? I hope! ๐Ÿ˜€ But, as always, you're welcome to contact me if you have any questions/clarifications.

BTW, Kari and Toni - you're welcome to join again!

Anyway, as I promised, here's how the pages are coming along... (Also, see last week's round-up of participants below...)

Art Journal Collab:

Art Journal Collab 1A
Page 1: Kari - incorporating her entry in 2 pages - the main and the mini art journals.

Art Journal Collab 1A
Page 2: Kari + Toni - a mix of both Kari's and Toni's entries... Although primarily, Kari's still.

Art Journal Collab 1A
Page 3: Toni's entry was incorporated in these two pages for the main and the mini art journal.

Page 4 is already in progress, just waiting for the next commenter! ๐Ÿ™‚

52WoC#9: More Social Networking Fun Participants -

And yes, a warm welcome to both Amy Palko and Kay/Murfomurf to 52WoC. Hope you enjoyed your first task with us - and that you'll come and join again. I certainly enjoyed connecting with those of you whom I haven't connected with yet in your social networks. So, thanks again!

Now, I'm looking forward to your contributions for this week's task. Thanks!

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