Art Journal Collab Update 2

As promised, here's another update on the art journal collaboration project. Let me present to you the latest pages... (The top pages are for the main art journal and the bottom ones are for the mini art journal.)

Here, you'll see Toni's page (on the left), combined with Em Dy's contribution. And, on the right, you'll see the full page for Em Dy, where the words Red + Health were used. Really love red and I enjoyed creating these pages. One challenge was to figure out which reds to use from my stash. The health bit was a bit of a stumper too.
Art Journal Page

Then, on this page on the left is Em Dy + Nenette. And, on the right, you'll find Nenette's Burgundy + Tea. The burgundy and tea thing almost stumped me. Realised I didn't have a lot of burgundy in my stash. I managed to find a pack of burgundy raffia and some handmade paper in burgundy with gold bits in them. Ended up with a more complicated set-up for this page.
Art Journal Page

This is still part of Nenette's burgundy + tea page. Had to use the handmade paper on top of another paper. And yeah - I used tea stains on the page.
Art Journal Page

Here, you'll see the continuation of Nenette's burgundy theme on the left, combined with Nicola's contribution. On the right, Nicola's Yellow + Foliage page. Really liked using the embellishments here. I found this quite an easy page to make, because as soon as I read Nicola's words, I immediately had an idea on what I want to do.
Art Journal Page

This is the back of Nicola's page. Sort of incorporating the next contribution. But, not quite finished yet...
Art Journal Page

So, yeah... the art journals are definitely shaping up. Thanks to those who submitted ideas so far. There are 10 pages now. And, at this stage, there will be 12 more pages to go based on existing submissions.

I'm happy to take on more contributions for this art journal collaboration project. But, if you're all out of ideas, that's okay too. I think 22 pages is already enough to make the book.

Anyway, I will give you another update as soon as I complete more pages.

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