On Frivolous Shopping and a Lorikeet Kimono Shrug

Day 87 - Project 365 - 27th Mar 08 - LONG-AWAITED PACKAGEWhen I received the instructions: "Make sure to buy something frivolous!" - after I received a Christmas cash pressie over 3 months ago, I didn't quite know what to purchase. My first instinct was to buy art/craft materials - or a new accessory for my camera. But apparently, those things aren't frivolous enough.

Frivolous items, I was told by a few folks, are things that you normally wouldn't buy for yourself. Something like a fur hat or a feather boa.

Ah, yes. Those. Definitely NOT stuff I'd buy for myself.

So, how do you actually buy something frivolous? If you won't normally buy it, how do you go looking for it?

Then, I remembered coming across this Etsy listing by a Chicago-based craftswoman called Janet Lyn. She called her hand knitted creation, the Lorikeet Kimono Shrug.

Just the name alone captured my fancy, seeing as I associate the term lorikeet to Aussie birds that I fell in love with when I first visited this beautiful country. And, who doesn't like the idea of wearing anything close to a kimono? That mixture of Western + Eastern imagery captured my mind and my heart.

But, I've never bought a shrug. Let alone, a custom-made one. So, I simply marked the item as a 'fave' on Etsy, and moved on.

With my Christmas money + the frivolous shopping instruction, I found myself going back to that Lorikeet Kimono Shrug listing. And, before I could stop myself from giving in to frivolity, I clicked on the 'Buy' button. Yes, even if it was the middle of summer here Down Under at the time!

Three months after I placed that order, the shrug arrived at my doorstep. And, of course, I couldn't resist a photo op for my 365 project -

Day 87 - 365 Days - 27th Mar 08: LORIKEET KIMONO SHRUG

And, the back view -

Day 87 Alternate - Lorikeet Kimono Shrug (Back View)

What luxury it is to own and wear something that you know was made for you by someone. The shrug is soft, very colourful, warm... beautiful. It came with a strong scent of something I couldn't name - but will forever associate with this item.

Although I had to wait 3 months for it to arrive, I didn't mind so much, seeing as we were having heat waves here just a couple of weeks ago. A shrug wasn't actually one that I'd want to wear for that type of weather. And now, it came just in time for the cooler weather. Perfect for Autumn!

How about you? Have you bought anything frivolous lately? If you were given a few hundred dollars to spend on something totally frivolous - what will you buy and why?

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