On Being Sick, Daily Blogging Challenges and a Book Tag

Day 90 - 365 Days - 30th Mar 08: THINKING CAPAfter blogging for everyday for nearly 100 days, I caved in to two non-blogging days. Including missing my Web Wednesday weekly feature.

Admittedly, I felt really disappointed. I thought I'd at least make it to 100 before I stop the daily blogging. Unfortunately, I've been confined to my bed/couch the last couple of days. 'been having chills/on-off fevers/headaches/tummy aches and all sorts of other aches and pains. And, one sure sign that I'm really ill is that I am unable to face the computer. Everyone who knows me know that it takes A LOT to pry me off my laptop.

I'm feeling a bit better now, though still not 100%. In fact, I'll be off to the docs later for a check-up - and might even need meds to help speed up the healing.

Anyway, although the break in daily blogging disappointed me, I also felt relief on the other hand. The pressure's off to blog daily, since I've already missed my target. One lesson I've learned through this though, is that when it comes to blogging, it's near to impossible to reach a daily blogging target when:

1) You're writing a personal blog and 'guest bloggers' aren't a good fit.
2) There's a limited amount of time you can spend on future posts.
3) When 'future posts' aren't always applicable.

After all, how can you allot for emergencies, extremely busy times, illnesses, blogger burnout, etc all the time? I mean, sure, when I knew I won't be able to blog for a day or so, I managed to plan future posts on those days. Even on days when I didn't feel like blogging due to exhaustion or being way too busy, I still managed to muster up enough energy to come up with a post. But, when I ended up ill and unable to get up from bed... Well, there was just no fighting that one.

Ah, well. Maybe one of these days, I'll come up with a 100 Days Daily Blogging Challenge. But, the thought of it is too much for me at this stage. When I'm fully recovered, I might consider it again. For now, I'll keep up with my two main projects here: the 52 Weeks of Blogging Community project + my Web Wednesday features as best as I can. And, yes, I will still try to blog often. But, I think I'll try not to push myself too hard on the daily blogging. I might still try to blog daily, but will not agonise if I don't. ๐Ÿ˜‰

QUICK UPDATE: Had to update this, as writing of being sick, I just found out that my 2.5 year old nephew is about to go in to brain surgery in the next few hours. I'm really shocked and saddened by this. And, my heart goes out to my brother, his wife, their baby girl, and the rest of the family. If you can spare some time for prayers, will really appreciate it.

Anyway, Em Dy recently tagged me for the 123 Book Tag. Thought I'd better answer now before I forget...

123 Book Tag Rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book of at least 123 pages.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

Joy would have to help her.
Or perhaps Ted - he had to draft lots of reports for his job in the Department of Agriculture.
Next on the agenda was Trix's column on an ordinary girl's life.

OK, now that that's done. I'm on to instruction #5. And yes, I always hate tagging other people because I don't want folks to feel obligated by these things. Especially if I wasn't particularly fond of the meme. Although I know it's all done in good fun... and I really don't mind getting tagged. But, I know some people don't like it, that's why I'm always in a dilemma at the end of these tags. ๐Ÿ™

Anyway, I'll just consider this as an opportunity to link back to some of my frequent commenters. If you don't want to do the tag, that's just cool with me. If you do give it a go, let me know. Otherwise, just consider this a link love: Kari, Heather, Sushi, Nenette, and Jami.

Hope you're all having a good week, everyone!

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