The Birthday Report : 2008 Edition

Day 97 - Project 365 - 6th April 08 : BIRTHDAY LOOT (2008)'been celebrating my birthday the last few days - both online and off. I know I already shared part of it here a few days ago. Even conducted a poll*. But, haven't had the chance to report back here. So, I thought I'll do that now.

On the Day Itself:

Woke up with tea + singing from family + hugs & kisses + pressies. Then, ended up having lunch with some good friends, hubby & kids. It was a lovely Autumn day. And, going to the hills was great because of all the red, golden and ochre colours surrounding the place at this time of the year. Had a feast - including trying out sushi again. And, I think I'll be giving it a go some more. Might share more on this Sushi journey later.

After lunch + quick drinks, I went home and rested. Prepared a simple dinner in the evening. And, enjoyed some wonderful greetings from online friends, family - and other folks. Overall, a good day. Nothing really icky. At least, I'd rather not dwell on 'em icky stuff. 😉

Day 97 - 365 Days - 6th April 08 : BIRTHDAY GIRLChecking in on Personal Goals from Last Year:

Last year, I shared 3 main goals that I wanted to achieve as a 33-yr-old. Looking back now, I think I can safely say that the areas of Productivity and Life Enjoyment are doing all right. A lot of things have changed and have happened over the last year. Including, but not limited to: Visiting the New York & Toronto for the first time, meeting some wonderful people (both new ones and old friends), Spending time with family, New camera + Growth in Photography, and much much more.

The weak point, as always, is my health/fitness. I did manage to go to a Pilates class once. Also looked at gyms and such. But, nothing regular still. So, what can I say? I don't do exercise well! But, I still am hoping...

New Goals and Hopes for This Year:

How do I even begin to list what I'm attempting to achieve right now? But, in line with my Word of the Year (Today) - I'd like to explore more of the "Daily" concept. Developing rhythm in one's life. Harnessing the power of the ordinary, everyday things. Finding ways to celebrate more, whinge less... Do what you love, love what you do...

And yeah, two other words that I wish to find new ways to incorporate in to my life: Connectedness + Generosity.

I've been thinking more about these things lately. Pushing the boundaries on how to become more, by being less.

I'm sure you'll see these themes coming up again in this blog.


Again, thanks so much for all your fabulous greetings. Really enjoyed my virtual celebrations.

*Oh, and on the poll about buying oneself birthday gifts - an astounding 72% said that Yes, they do buy birthday gifts for themselves. And, 28% said 'Sometimes'. Wow. Now that made me want to treat myself to some lovely presents for myself. Hehe.

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