Meet Neve, my Nokia E65 Phone

Day 105 - 365 Days - 14th April 08 : MEET NEVE

This beauty showed up at my house a couple of days ago as a surprise. Wasn't really looking for a phone 'cause a) my old LG phone was tied up under a contract and b) I was just iPhone-lusting.

But then, hubby's phone (which was bought the same time as mine) broke down, he checked our phone contracts. And found out that we could upgrade - IF we get a fresh new contract. He ended up choosing a Nokia 6120 (wish he got an E65 too :(). I ended up with Neve.

And, ever since I un-boxed her, she has hardly been out of reach. That never happened between me and a mobile phone before.

Seriously. I'm a gadget freak. But, I've never been that crazy over phones. I mean, I like 'em of course. But, I don't go around looking for the latest phones. And I definitely don't go around SMS-ing, talking on mobiles incessantly, etc. In fact, there are days when I just forget where I left mine!

But this... this Nokia E65... Well, I just *love* it. OK. Maybe we're still in the honeymoon phase. But, so far, I'm crazy about this phone because:

  • It's WiFi-enabled! Of course, that's the web head in me talking. Imagine I get to carry a little computer in my pocket? I can check emails, Twitter, etc. wherever there's an available WiFi connection - without the need to carry a laptop with me all the time. Heh.
  • Voip in my mobile. Yes, I can actually use Skype with a phone now. Well, okay, only tested this with chat + a single SkypeOut call. Will be interesting to test it with Skype-to-Skype calls. And even Skype conference calls. And, I believe I can also set-up other Voip services in it too. Yay.
  • Good basic features. Voice/audio recorder, camera, video camera, clock (with world clock), calendar, To Do lists, Bluetooth, music player, PDF/Office files reader... Although admittedly, the camera's quality (2 MP, w/zoom) isn't that great. And, I'm not sure yet if I can easily transfer digital audio to the computer.
  • Works well with some cool mobile apps. Including stuff that enable me to post audio/video/photos to different sites - Flickr/Multiply/Vox/Wordpress.com/Livejournal, etc - w/o using my cellular connection. Just my WiFi at home (or elsewhere). Anyway, will share with you some of my favourite mobile apps some time...
  • It's pretty. 'nuff said. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So yeah, I really do like it a lot. The only things I wish it had are:

  • A second camera in the front for doing proper video calls.
  • Better imaging quality. I know it's not meant to be used for 'real' photography - but would've appreciated a better alternative.
  • A better way to sync with my Mac - and other apps. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Will keep you updated as I learn more.

What about you? Are you a mobile phone kind of person? What do you have right now - and what do you like/don't like about it?

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