Report: Adelaide Bloggers & Social Web Media Meet-up (April 2008 Edition)

Day 109 - Project 365 - 18th April 08 : Adelaide Bloggers & Social Web Media Meet-up
It was a bit of a challenge to organise Adelaide blogger meet-ups to start with. I remember wanting to do this four years ago. Then, I finally managed to do my first call-out to fellow Adelaide bloggers about 8 months ago. Although there was interest, it wasn't enough to push things along.

Then, I finally decided just to give it a go in Jan 08. It ended up as a quiet party that made me wonder if there were really enough folks who'd be interested in web-to-F2F meet-ups.

Well, in the last couple of months, my local contacts online seem to have grown a lot due to various social networks that I'm a part of. And, with the encouragement of fellow web enthusiasts here in Adelaide, we've finally managed to pull off a full get-together - with a real a mixture of folks from Twitter (via SATUB), Adelaide Social Web Facebook Group, Bloggers' Meetup Group, and some Flickr friends.

All you need to do is to read some of the comments by meetup attendees in various parts of the web during the last 24 hours to know how the get-together turned out. But hey - I'm not going to let you hunt for folks' comments. I collected some of them for sharing in this post (see below).

Anyway, here are the 20+ folks who made it to the meeting at Bocelli's Caffe Ristorante on the 18th of April 2008 (links lead to people's online profiles and sites):

Thanks again to all who attended the meet-up. I really had a fantastic time meeting all of you. It's always wonderful to see faces and smiles... to hear voices and laughter. It makes such a huge difference!

Anyway, if you're keen to see my profiles too, you can find me on Facebook, Flickr and Twitter, among other places.

And, to see photos of the meet-up, I've posted them on the Meetup group and on Facebook. Janette Toral and Kay Walker also posted some photos on Facebook.

Here are some of the comments about the meet-up:

"An inspiring Meetup! A welcoming gang of enthusiasts! I had fun! Laughed and chatted and shared and learned heaps! Thanks everyone. Congratulation Shai for a fantastically successful meetup." - Bridie Gallagher (via Meetup page)

"is happy to have met a lovely group of friends face to face tonight. online is great. faces are better." - Charlie Robinson (via Twitter)

"met an amazing array of peeps at a webloggers meet." - Kay Walker (via Facebook)

"It's friendly and accepts a really wide range of people. Nice big group- a real hotchpotch of people-types! I'm sure most people really enjoyed it- we all got to meet new people and learned new things. Some of us might even meet up again online by visiting each others' various sites-" - Kay Walker (via Meetup page)

"Lovely to meet a new bunch of people and hear about what they do. Its' a great place to get networking." - Simon Loffler (via Meetup page)

"Thanks to Shai, I got to join my first blogger's meetup today. The April edition of the Adelaide Blogger's Meetup was great. It was interesting to meet so many people. My blogging has always been for a very specific audience ( I'm looking at you, family! ) but it was actually nice to share some of our blogging as well as the motivations for blogging with a few more people." - Chaz Vidal (via Parenting Tips for Programmers)

"went to the Adelaide Bloggers Meet Up tonight. Really nice people they are too." - Jim Manning (via Facebook)

"As it was I had a great time, I only checked my mobile 40 times in two hours and I'll definitely go to another one. " - Melissa Williams (via Crafting Order Out of Chaos)

"Few too many people to say hello to every one but I had a great time nonetheless. Looking forward to the next meet-up." - Melissa Williams (via Meetup page)

"It was great meeting everyone - well, most people. Oops, by that I mean, I didn't get to meet everybody" - Steve Davis (via Meetup page)

"Hey Shai. Thank you for organizing the Adelaide Bloggers meet-up last night. Look forward in getting to know more folks here. Cheers!" - Janet Toral

"YAY to a great night...well done Shai!" - Marcia Burgmann (via Meetup page)

So, hopefully, this means that this is just the beginning of more wonderful meet-ups and friendships.

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