Web Wednesday #16: Best Mobile Apps

Web Wednesday with Shai CogginsThanks to my new mobile phone, I'm really keen to find apps that I can use on it that enable me to become more productive. Here are some of my favourites that I found recently...

  • Opera Mini - A fully operational web browser right in your phone. Really love it. Much better than the default browser of my phone. Unfortunately, however, some websites are not supported by Opera. But, it works for the most part. Definitely made mobile phone web browsing a lot more pleasant.
  • Fring - How much do I love Fring? Let me count the ways... Seriously rockin' app. It brings VOIP Technology and Instant Messaging right into your phone. You can do Skype-to-Skype calls, Skype chats, and even SkypeOut calls. It also works with GTalk, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ... and even Twitter - among a few others. Group chats appear quite strange here, though. And, if you've got active Skype swarms, you can't really keep the app open all the time - unless you want to hear dings all the time. Very distracting. But, definitely a great mobile app to have!
  • Shozu - Another mobile app that I just love, love, love... Shozu is a great app to have if you like the ability to share photos, videos, and audio from your mobile to various places online - YouTube, Flickr, Vox, Facebook, Picasa, LiveJournal, Blogger.com blogs, WordPress.com blogs, Blip.TV, Windows Live Spaces, Typepad, and a few others. You can even upload to sites that aren't supported. If the site accepts uploads via email (e.g., Multiply, Evernote, etc) - you can use Shozu to send files. Or - even send directly to your friends, family, etc. Or to your FTP site. And, you can even use it to subscribe to certain sites like YouTube (get most viewed videos, etc).
  • Google Mobile - Google has a few mobile apps that are very interesting. My favourite is the Gmail Mobile app, as I pretty much live inside Gmail. :-p I'm also planning on testing Google Maps Mobile soon. There's also Google search and YouTube mobile.
  • Mofuse - This isn't strictly a mobile app. But, the good thing with it is that it enables your site/blog to be mobile-ready. For example, I set up ShaiCoggins.com Mobile version. Makes the site easier to read/visit via mobile. It's not all that fab yet - but will see how it can be improved
  • GooSync - An app that enables you to sync your mobile device with your Google calendar. The free version only syncs up to 30 days in the future and only with 1 (default) calendar. The upgraded version (19.95 pounds) offers more features - multiple calendar syncs, up to 365 days sync, contacts + tasks sync, etc. I'm currently test driving the free version. Not sure if I'll upgrade yet - but 'am a bit tempted. I especially like the idea that I can sync my Google calendars with my iCal and my mobile.

Anyone else have any tips/suggestions for great mobile apps?

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