Web Wednesday #17: More Mac & Twitter Tools + Misc Web Goodies

Web Wednesday with Shai CogginsTime to share my web finds of the week again. Hope you find something that you love... Or at least, something useful!

Featured Blog of the Week
Hey Susy - A blog by Susan Connor, a designer of paper products. This is one of my favourite latest finds in the blogosphere. I love the way she uses handwriting and "fashion spread"-type photos in her posts. Also enjoying having a look at her designs. Gorgeous!

Mac Productivity Tools
Getting things done with Macs...

  • Things - This is a Task Management tool that's still in 'Preview' mode. So, you can go right ahead and download this preview version. Once they release the final version, it will cost 'ya ($49, normal price; or $39, discounted price for newsletter subscribers who sign-up before the final release). I've been testing it out - and seriously loving it so far. The structure, the look... it's all good. Really a beautiful app! If it can sync to a web app and such, it'll be perfect. Anyway, I'll see if I can write a more complete review one day.
  • iGTD - I've mentioned using this before. It's still my default Getting Things Done programme at the moment. But, somehow, the way it's currently structured doesn't suit how I work. That's why I end up not using it as much as I'd like to. As it stands though, it's still a good app. And, it's free!

Desktop Publishing for Mac
Page layout tools, anyone?

  • Ragtime Solo - This is the free, light version of Ragtime page layout tool.
  • Scribus - A fully working desktop publishing tool. It's open source!

Twitter Tools
And, Twitter apps just keep on coming!

  • Who Should I Follow? - If you're wondering who you can follow on Twitter, check this site out, type your Twitter username - and you'll get some recommendations. I gave it a quick whirl and saw that more than 50% of the suggestions seem relevant.
  • Twitpic - This is one way you can take pictures with your mobile phone - and send it off to your Twitter account. Just visit Twitpic, give your Twitter info, then get your personalised email address. That's the email address where you send your pics. It will upload to Twitpic and send a link to your Twitter stream (with a short description, if you set it up right).
  • Top 12 Twitter Apps for your Mobile - If you're thinking of using a Twitter app for your mobile phone, here's a list of apps you can test. I've tried a couple of them (jTwitter and Fring), but didn't really like either for mobile Twittering. Will keep testing which one I like best.

Miscellaneous Web Stuff
Everything else...

  • How to Make an Ezine - 'been thinking about making zines again. But, not sure if it's possible. Anyway, if you're considering the idea of making zines too, this is an interesting read.
  • Save Polaroid - I'm all for digital stuff. But, there's a part of me that feels sad, thinking of the possibility of Polaroids becoming extinct. I've only really owned one Polaroid camera. Over the years of moving, it has been packed somewhere and I'm unable to find it. I really, really want to get it again. What about do you? Do you own a Polaroid?
  • Top Kids' Books in Australia - From The Children's Books Council of Australia.

Also, see Social Media @ Alltop. ShaiCoggins.com just got listed.

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