Praise for 52WoC

Just sharing some notes I've read and received about the 52 Weeks of Blog Community Project.

Dear Shai,

Thank you for being such a shining example here in the blogosphere. I've been planning to hold a contest on Wifely Steps for sometime now, but kept putting it on hold. After participating in your 52WoC and winning your journal (which arrived 3 weeks ago!), I got more encouragement to push through with it. I just held my first contest at Wifely Steps! I feel so accomplished. It's such a joy getting to share some of your favorite things with your loyal readers. So thanks for helping orient us participants with the different powers of blogging through your 52WoC. I got over my contest cold feet and just jumped right in. The contest is over and I can't wait to start sending the winners their prizes. Thanks for the lead on Random.Org too. Thanks for being a shining example. Stay strong and smart, we bloggers look up to you a lot. 🙂

Thanks again,
(via email)

Dear Shai,

I wanted to just thank you again for running such a fun project! It's been a great way to find other bloggers and just feel like part of the community as a whole.

Also, I feel so lucky to have won the drawing! What a great Valentine surprise it was! I think I left in your comments that I would be tickled pink for the Flickr Pro prize. Just wondered if there is anything special I need to do? Is it just a code of some sorts?

Thank again, and I look forward to another month of blogging community challanges!

(via email)

"Yep, her project is grand for that. I've made quite a few new online buddies! :)" - Jami (via Twitter)

"Shai's project is such a great way to make new contacts, isn't it!" - Amy Palko (via Twitter)

If you have any stories or feedback about 52WoC, please send them in too. I love reading (and compiling) them all.

Again, thanks to all who have been participating in this project so far. Yes, we'll be back shortly.

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