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zoe-wittner-shoes-jogger.jpg Things had been heavy around here for a while, so I thought I'd try a little bit of light blogging today. And, since we're on the subject of fan clubs, I thought I'd officially declare that I am a member of the Wittner shoes fan club.

Especially the Zoe Wittner design line. Well, actually, I'm not sure how many lines are around. All I've ever seen are Zoe Wittners. And, yes, I have never - in all my shoe-loving years - ever declared a pure and utter love for any particular kind of shoes. Seriously.

I mean, sure, I've never owned Anna Sui boots or Jimmy Choo shoes. So, who knows?

But, for now, the Australian shoe line Zoe Wittner has captured my heart (and more dangerously, my wallet!).

It started a couple of months ago, when I was doing my birthday shopping at Harbourtown. I wandered in to the Wittner shop and got sucked in to the world of gorgeous shoes.

I know I've always loved shoes (must be the Imeldific gene there somewhere?). With a particular interest in boots. I don't have an unreasonably massive collection. But, I do take a fancy to a pair or two every few months.

Anyway, my first pair of Zoe Wittner shoes are the Jogger (Navy). They cost AU$130 - but managed to snag 'em for $80. I walked over 3 blocks to break them in and my feet complained for a few days. But, now that they're all broken in, they've become nice and comfy. Love, love, love 'em. They're currently one of my default shoes.

zoe-wittner-shoes-kat.jpgThen, a few days ago, my family and I decided to visit Harbortown once more for a weekend lunch and a mini shopping trip. Oh dear. The Winter Sales were on. And, I saw these bronze beauties - KAT, they're called. Originally priced at $140, I ended up paying $70 for 'em.

The lady at the shop must've noticed that I was a good target, as she immediately showed the matching bronze clutch bag. Originally priced $60 - got 'em for $30. She caught me at a very weak moment.

But, I happily wore the KAT combo that very evening, when I went out with my husband for our second date of the year. This time, we went to a wonderful Indian restaurant called Jasmin. Will have to write a separate review on that place. It doesn't need it, but it deserves it.

Anyway, yeah - it was a gorgeous long weekend filled with a few lovely moments. And new shoes and bag!

I definitely needed the break from all the heavy stuff.

What about you? Are you a shoe lover too? What type of shoes do you like best? Any favourite designer/brand name? Any crazy shoes stories you'd like to share?

Feel like shopping for Shoes?

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