Adelaide Social Web Media Meet-up: June 2008 Edition

Adelaide Social Web Media Meet-up: June 2008 Edition

So, sooo glad that I went to Vino's to meet fellow social web media enthusiasts here in Adelaide last night. I wasn't feeling well so I didn't know if I was going to make it or not to our scheduled meet-up. But, I didn't want to miss it, so off I went - germs and all (sorry guys).

Anyway, there were only 13 of us who made it to the meet-up, but it was definitely no less fun than April's meet-up. Shows that we do have a great group going here!

Food was great, the venue was lovely. And, topics of conversation flowed from parenting, babies, photography, shoes, food, music, craft, art, and of course, all things web and gadgets - from Facebook apps to Plurk and emails to Last.FM, programming to cameras. Oh, and yes, there was even a brief mention of Barry White. Don't ask. 😉

It's also wonderful to know that people are hoping to continue meeting up at least every couple of months or so. Even offshoot mini-meet ups. And yes, there are even talks of having a mini Christmas party.

In any case, here's just a round-up of those who came to the party -

Present for the second time around were: Janette Toral, Steve Thomas, Kay Walker (who chose and booked the great venue - yay!), brand new dad Steve Davis, Charlie Robinson, Jim Manning, Marcia Burgmann (this is actually our 3rd meet-up!), Melissa Williams, and Bridie Gallagher.

Folks that we met for the first time were: Michael Gallagher, Stephen Mitchell (who wrote an interesting account of the meet-up on his blog), and Richard Pascoe.

So, if anyone wants to join us, we're considering another meet-up come August. Any suggestions and ideas for future get-togethers are always welcome.

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