52WoC#23: Forum Fun!

52 Weeks of Blog CommunityWelcome to Week 23 of our 52 Weeks of Blog Community project. This task is the beginning of Part 6 of 52WoC. So, it's an all new round of tasks for our sixth party (Weeks #23 - 26). I'll be posting new prizes and such later on for this round.

Anyway, this week's task is simple: Try S Studio's brand new Forums!

Yes, that's right. S Studio now has a forum.

Since our group of fun-loving, community-strong 52WoCers and S Studio folks are growing and all, I thought I'd experiment on having our very own forum. This way, we can extend our conversations in a friendlier, more conducive manner.

Plus, you don't end up just talking to me. You can now talk to each other too! You can start your own discussions and share your own thoughts. The main purpose of the forums is to help like-minded individuals get connected.

What are the forums all about? Well, other than extending the conversations from this blog, I've also opened up areas of interest. The Creative Studios, for example, is a place to chat about craft, art, photography, and writing. The Digital Studios has an area for all things gadget (computers, video cams, etc) --- and an area for all things web (blogs, social media, etc). And, of course, there are some general chat areas. I'm also going to start little S Studio Clubs along the way using the forums, so stay tuned.

And yes, the forum has a universal RSS (easy to follow on your feed reader), or you can just subscribe to individual groups or individual forums that you're interested in.

There's a simple two-step registration process: 1) Register using a valid email and username; and 2) Take note of the password that will be sent to you via email and then login using that password and username you provided. You can change your password later on, if you wish.

If you do not wish to register, that's OK too. You can still read the forums. And, in some forums (S Studio Notes & Things + S Studio Projects), you can even participate in discussions without registration. I will leave Guest Access open in these areas unless it proves to be a difficult one to handle. If things are running smoothly, no worries.

So, what do you need to do to be considered a participant for this week's task? Easy.

  • You can register as a forum member and participate in a thread or start your own. Just one will do. If you wish to help in playing more, that's cool too. 🙂 If you register + post, you get 2 entries for the week.
  • If you do not wish to register, just respond to any forum thread that you're interested in where there's Guest Access available. A good place to start might be the Welcome Post. Or, just start a new discussion altogether. Then, let us know here. You get 1 entry for that.

Looking forward to finding you at the forums!

Anyway, to all who participated in 52WoC#22: Hold a Contest/Blog Raffle task - THANK YOU! It was such an amazing task & I'm really excited to see the contests/raffles. Really fun. Here's the round-up of participants. Oh, and if you haven't joined their contests yet - go and do so! Tell 'em 52WoC sent 'ya -

Thanks again, everyone. And, a special 52WoC welcome to Jennifer, Marijke and Jason.

Oh, and yes, I'm also running a contest here at the Studio - a Comment Contest. Do join in! Deadline's 26th of July.

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