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It was just a little over a month ago when I posted my first Plurk, asking about the merits of yet another social networking/microblogging platform. Immediately, the conversation grew - connections were made... and a community was born. How can I NOT get hooked?

Since then, I've become a loyal Plurk user. And, I've slowly seen how this helped me in my online life.

So today, I share with you 5 Things I Like about Plurk -

1) It's great for conversations and connectivity. Twitter was once the place for me to communicate and to connect. It still is, somehow. Especially with friends and contacts who aren't on Plurk yet (there are many). However, I noticed recently that even though I have more friends/followers at Twitter, I still end up with more responses on Plurk whenever I post an update.

2) It's fun. Seriously. Love the fact I can post photos & videos easily. Love the fun emoticons. I enjoy 'unlocking' features through higher karma points. I don't take karma to heart, but it's still like a cool online game, so you can't completely ignore your 'score', even if you want to.

3) Easy to follow. I love that it's so much easier to follow conversations. On Twitter, when someone posts a statement, then another person responds, if you're not following that other person, you won't see the response. On Plurk, it's all there. That's why you end up getting to know 'strangers' better. If you like how they communicate, you end up responding to - and following - them too.

4) Voices can be clearer, stronger. One of the things that some folks fault Plurk with is the thought of not having enough 'big names' or 'big tech players'. But, that's not necessarily all bad in my book. The good thing is that it gives more people an opportunity to be heard, and not get 'drowned' in the social timelines.

5) It's good for traffic. I noticed a few days ago that Plurk has now climbed as one of my top referrers according to my stats. Strangely enough, even though currently I just have a fraction of the number of followers on Plurk (less than 200) compared to Twitter (650+), I seem to be getting more clicks on my links via Plurk than Twitter (or any other site that I share my links with). This baffles me a bit. But, I do have some theories on why this might be the case. In any case, I'm real happy about the positive impact of Plurk on my blog traffic-wise.

+ 3 Things I Don't Like About Plurk

6) So. Very. Addictive. Not only does the karma points play with your psyche to get you to Plurk more, the whole set-up of having some kind of live worldwide IM chatroom can be way too irresistible. Definitely need a lot of willpower to shut down and not get sucked in too much. ๐Ÿ˜‰

7) Some hiccups with the system. I'm not talking about 'down times' (a'la the "Twitter fail whale"). We haven't really seen much of those. I'm talking about people's Plurks showing up on one's timeline even when you specify that you do not wish to follow their Plurk updates. Or, how strange it is that Fans cannot be easily turned in to Friends. And, why I need to get 'confirmed' by someone who already tried to add me as a friend. That sort of stuff. Hopefully, they'll get those sorted out. And that one day, they'll open the API to developers.

8 ) Limited 'Unlocking Features'. I know, I know... I'm a sucker for more emoticons, word expressions, and other ways to customise Plurk displays and such. Right now, there's only a 'reward' when you get to +25, then +50. After those, none. Zilch. Nada. Not even when you reach Plurk Nirvana. ๐Ÿ˜›

+2 Helpful Plurk Tools

9) Ping.fm - I find this especially useful for cross-posting some of my updates between Plurk, Twitter, and other networks that I have. It also enables me to post to Plurk via my mobile phone (email). Other people use HelloTxt, I believe.

10) Top Plurk Users - Just a fun little app that shares the top users of Plurk. You can even check out top users in particular locations! (And yes, I'm in the Australia list - eeps.)

What about you? What do you like/dislike about Plurk? Have you tried it yet? Why or why not? Do you have any favourite Plurk tools?

Oh, and yes, if you want to connect in Plurkville, you can find me in this corner of Plurk.

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