52WoC#25: Comments Special

52 Weeks of Blog CommunityTime for a new 52WoC! Our previous task needed an unofficial extension due to the site issues and such.

Anyway, this week, I thought we'd re-visit the round-robin style of 52WoC again, where Commenter #1 responds to my prompt; and Commenter #2 gets to respond to Commenter #1, then Commenter #3 responds to Commenter #2, etc etc.

So, what do we do?

1) Commenter #1 answers my prompt via comments, then asks a question or gives a simple prompt; then

2) Commenter #2 answers Commenter #1's question or prompt - AND visits Commenter #1's blog to leave a comment.

3) Commenter #3 will then do the same to Commenter #2.

and so on and so forth.

I will then respond to the last Commenter's question or prompt - and will visit his/her blog to leave a comment.

Please note, however, that we'd appreciate it there's no requirement to register on your blog in order to leave a comment. If there's a need to register on your blog, the Commenter who visits your blog will have the option to leave a comment or not. We do not want to force anyone to register. Hope that's cool with everyone.

The types of questions you can leave may range from something simple like: What's your favourite colour? Or, What's your favourite Olympic event? Or, you can ask a bit of advice, "What book will you recommend for a beginning writer?"

Prompts may come in the form of incomplete sentences that need to be completed: "The best thing in life is......" Or, a simple direction: "Share the URL to your favourite online newspaper", etc.

Hope that makes sense. As always if you have any questions, please contact me or share them at the forums.

So, commenter #1, feel free to choose from any of the questions or prompts I shared here. You can answer any of them! Then, don't forget to leave your own question or prompt.

Looking forward to how this week's task turns out...

Read on to see a round-up of previous task's participants...

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