Hate is such a horrid word. It's the sort of word that I do not like to have in my life on a daily basishate-heart.gif

In fact, when my 4-year-old decided to use the word a lot - from “I hate brushing my teeth� to “I hate bad people� - I had to tell him that it's not a good idea to use the word 'hate' all the time.

And of course, in true pre-schooler fashion, he had to ask: “Why?�

I said something about the word hate not doing a good thing in our hearts: “It's like having black spots in our heart every time we hate something,� I said.

Well, that picture must've worked wonders, as he barely uses the word 'hate' nowadays. And, when he hears it being uttered by anyone, he says, “No! Don't use hate or you'll have a black spot in your heart.� (Yes, it has been used against me a few times already.)

One of these days, though, I will have to let him know that while hate is not a good word to use all the time, sometimes, there's no other word to describe how you REALLY feel. And that's okay.

It's okay to know that you hate something, as long as you know exactly where that hate is directed. And, how to deal with it.

It's okay to feel hate, as long as you're not hateful.

There's a difference, you see...

And, like any negative emotion, if you get a handle on it (and not the other way around) --- it can always be used and recycled in to something positive.

After all, hate can guide you to make the right decisions about whether or not something's good for you. Hate can help you stay away from certain things (or certain people!). Hate can keep you from doing the very things that your heart tells you not to do.

Like hypocrisy. Or being evil. Or doing a bad job. Or being a terrible friend. Or being untrustworthy. Or selfish. Or greedy.

These are things that seem hate-worthy, don't you think?

Well, now, let me go hate a few things without worrying about having a spotted, hole-y heart.

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