Wii Fit (and Fitness Fantasy Update)

Wii Fit

Early this month, I shared my Everyday Exploration project for August 2008. The challenge was to do something fit/healthy on a daily basis. So, I started doing some stretches, walks, and such. And, my favourite "go to fitness routine" was the Wii Fit.

Well, sort of. It's not a massive workout, I know. But, it's still more than what I used to do. Eeps.

Anyway, the gadget was actually a Mother's Day present to me last May. But, before this month, I only used it once or twice. The Fitness Fantasy challenge helped me to use it a lot more.

My personal favourite "gamecises" (game/exercises) on the Wii Fit include: the Steps, Rhythm Boxing, and Ski Jump. And, I reluctantly do the Muscle work-outs and Jogging, because they're the ones that make me feel I actually do something. Heh. Except, of course, the Wii Fit training folks seem to be never satisfied with what I've done. 😛

Ah, well.

In any case, after the first 12 days of everyday fitness, I began to flounder. I began missing days and such. Unfortunately. But, I suppose all is not lost.

Now, I'm making a conscious effort to go out for a walk at least once a week. And, I still get to take out the Wii Fit every now and then, to play with my 4.5 year old (who happens to have improved WAY faster than me on the Wii Fit) - and sneak in some "exercise sessions".

I'm hoping that these 'baby steps' to becoming more fit will slowly improve in time.

My current goal: To get the Wii Fit to stop saying that I'm underweight with a fitness age of a 60-year-old. Meh.

By the way, even after this month ends and I move on to a new Everyday Exploration project, I still intend to keep up with fitness stuff. That's why we have the S Fitness Club at the forums. I'm hoping to share more progress there. And perhaps, if you need a place to share your fitness goals and such, maybe you can join in too. Lynn Stevens already asked S Studio Folks to share their Flexibility Goals, Cardio Goals, and Strength Goals. What do you think?

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