Hello, Spring and Some Weekend Creativity

Hello, Spring!

Today's officially the first day of Spring here Down Under. And, even though the weather's still gray, cold, and rainy, we are beginning to see a bit of sun and warmth. And flowers! Yay for that! I'm not a big fan of the cold, so I like to celebrate the end of Winter.

As part of my celebration, I'm delaying today's usual 52WoC. Will try to post the new task and recap in the next day or two instead.

Springtime Bag

Also, to celebrate, I engaged in some weekend creativity.

My favourite project is my 'springtime bag' (pictured here). And, it was actually the product of an accident. Well, I was trying to make a skirt for myself for the first time. But, I made a couple of mistakes with cutting and measurements, since I wasn't working with a pattern. In the end, I decided to make a bag from the skirt. And, this is the result. It has a very rough finish, but I'm still quite happy with it. Oh, and I even used O rings and a button latch for the first time. Fun.

I also completed a 'surprise' project.

You see, my 4.5-year-old son asked me a few days ago if I can knit him a wooly jumper. I had to explain to him that mum's not exactly an experienced knitter. In fact, she has only finished a knitted headband so far. If she ever tried to knit a wooly jumper for him, he'll probably be 25 by the time I'm done.

"So, what about a scarf, then?" he asked.

"But winter's almost over."

"There will still be cold in the spring time."

With such a persistent plea, how can I say no?

Knitting a ScarfSo, even if I already packed my knitting yarns and needles at the very back of my craft cupboard, I ended up digging my knitting bag out. And yep, started knitting a scarf for my boy.

And what a taskmaster he can be! Every time I stopped, he'd ask why I'm not knitting. When we were going out to dinner, he wanted me to bring my knitting and continue in the car and at the shops.

"But it's too dark to knit in the car, sweets."

"Uhhh... the street lamps can help you."


So, I knitted like I've never knitted in my life.

I ended up with a crooked, wonky scarf. But, it's done. And it's a relief. Heh. I just hope he'd wear it. Yes, even though winter's officially over! 😀

Meet QUIRKYAnother thing I completed: Another soft toy. This one's named Quirky.

Quirky's softie #5 in this house. The 4th one finished on my machine. First one was Shigu the Kakadonk (hand sewn). Second's the red blob. Third's Rose (no pic). Fourth's Twist (also no pic; and currently broken).

I love making these softies. They're not refined in any way. But, my kids love 'em! I have fun naming them - and making stories with them. The kids enjoy the stories and playing with the softies.

Anyway, there 'ya go. My weekend creations. And, my 'welcome to spring' celebration.

How about you? How was your weekend? And, what does September mean to you?

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