65 Floral Inspirations

Moleskine Cahier Garden JournalTo celebrate the arrival of Spring Down Under, last month's Everyday Explorations' theme was Floral Fever. And, part of my exercise was to list as many ideas as possible regarding flowers. Some of you also shared your ideas. And, I thought, it'll be cool to come up with a full list right here.

So, here are floral inspirations for you:

1) Create a garden journal. The one pictured here is something I made, using mixed media on a moleskin cahier journal. I really <3 it.

2) Press fresh flowers. It was in my original list, but Kari suggested it too. And yes, I did it.

3) Make bookmarks from fresh flowers. Another one from Kari. I wanted to do it, but didn't get the chance. Maybe another time.

4) Photocopy fresh flowers to create art. Yes, I did this. Turned out better than I expected.

5) Make flower origami. Suggested by Melissa. I sooo wanted to try this, but didn't get the chance to find instructions. So, another one for next time.

6) Practice Japanese floral arrangement.

7) Write different names of flowers from A - Z. Yes, I did it. But, missed a couple of letters.

8 ) Make a zine on flowers.

9) Write a poem or a story about flowers.

10) Create a flower-related blog.

11) Create a floral painting. Another one I managed to do. ๐Ÿ™‚

12) List books that mention "flowers" as part of the title.

13) Take photos of flowers every day. This one's from Kay. I did manage to take photos of flowers, but not everyday.

14) Doodle/sketch flowers from life. Done.

15) Doodle/sketch imaginary flowers. Done too.

16) Use floral fabrics to make a soft toy. Yep.

17) Use floral printed fabric to make wearable art. Done as well.

18) Create floral stamps.

19) Make a floral-themed card.

20) Experiment with edible flowers. This is a suggestion from Candy. I was so curious about this one. I didn't get the chance to try until a few days ago, when I cooked roast lamb and used fresh rosemary with its flowers still intact. But, would be interested to think of other ways to do this.

21) Dry flowers. Also from Candy. I used to dry flowers every now and then but I haven't done this in a while.

22) Make a flower softie. I already sketched the idea for this, and was going to make a pattern. But didn't get the chance to do so. I'm still interested to try this idea, though.

23) Make crochet flowers. Did this, and it was fun. Hope to do more to complete an idea I had.D

24) Design floral fonts. I love designing typography by hand. If only I can learn how to transform them digitally! But yes, I did this.

25) Write a blog post about flowers. Well, does this post count? ๐Ÿ˜‰

26) Do a self-portrait with flowers. I've done this a couple of times in the past and wanted to do another one, thanks to iHanna's suggestion. Again, didn't get to it.

27) Do a single-flower floral arrangement. Very intriguing suggestion by Lynn. I experimented a bit, but wasn't quite happy with what I tried. Will keep this in mind.

28) Make something wearable out of fresh flowers.

29) Wear flowers in one's hair.

30) Make a playlist of songs that had "flowers" in the title.

31) List movies that had "flowers" in the title.

32) Make floral ASCII art.

33) Send flowers to a loved one.

34) Create punch floral art. Yep, did this too. Used some of these on the garden journal.

35) Give old jeans or bags a makeover with a floral theme.

36) Make a flower out of junk items.

37) Create floral jewellery. Started doing it, but didn't finish.

38) Buy flowers for yourself.

39) Read a book about flowers.

40) Spot and name flowers during a walk. Yes, I did this.

41) Plant flowers in the garden. Did this.

42) Clip floral images from magazines. Did this too.

43) Make a hat with flowers. Yep, did this too. Sort of.

44) Make floral stickers. Did this as well, using some of the punched florals.

45) Make a floral collage.

46) Create a floral-themed scrapbook page.

47) Design a floral pattern for printing.

48) Create a floral-themed creativity kit.

49) Do a floral mosaic.

50) Make floral-printed papers and/or fabric.

51) Write a piece on flowers and their meanings.

52) List favourite flowers.

53) Create a floral stencil.

54) Make fabric flowers.

55) Write the word 'flower' in different languages.

56) Collect floral-themed recipes. Not sure if I would've gotten past 'chrysanthemum tea' here.

57) List flowers for different occasions.

58) Interview a florist.

59) Find out the scientific names of favourite flowers.

60) Make floral-inspired activities for kids (dot-to-dot, colouring, etc).

61) Decorate a meal with flowers.

62) Put together a floral basket.

63) Learn about indigenous/native flowers.

64) Make potpourri from flowers.

65) Make a floral lei.

As you can see, as soon as I started brainstorming about flowers, I really got in to it. And thanks again to everyone who shared ideas/suggestions. I was really excited to do most of these ideas. But, I only managed to do my floral-themed everyday exploration for about 16 days or so straight. And, just bits and pieces afterwards. It was fun, though. And one thing this has reiterated to me is that when you focus on one idea at a time, it can really encourage the depth of one's knowledge of that one idea. I'm keen to try this out again one day.

And yes, I do have an October theme already. I'll blog about that another day.

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