What Car Do You Drive? {+ Other Matters}

My Pink Car!

It's Getting To Know You Tuesday. And, I'm happy to introduce my latest baby - Yvonne, my pink Festiva. Yes, a PINK car!

I got her a few weeks ago, on the 20th of October 2008. She's a 1994 model, so she's about 14 years old already. But, looking great for her age! Only 95K on her clock too.

I never thought I'm girly enough to ever enjoy the idea of driving a pink car. But, I soooo love this car. She looks great and drives well. Can't ask for a better first car, given a limited budget.

Yes, this little pink car is my first car ever. Well, officially anyway.

You see, some of you might remember that I only started learning how to drive about 3 years ago. And, I got my first license just over 2.5 years ago.

Between then and now, I probably just have over a year's worth of real driving. Partly because shortly after I got my license, I got pregnant with my second baby. Then, of course, after the baby, I didn't feel like driving that much. Plus, I work from home, so...

That's why even though I could have taken the test to take my P plates off last April, I opted not to just yet. I wanted to get more driving practice in. Hopefully, I'd be confident enough to take the test some time early next year.

Well, with the help of my new car, I'm definitely driving a lot more. And, feeling a bit more confident on the road.

Before Yvonne, I've been driving our blue Camry (called Woody!). But, while I was part of the process of purchasing Woody, it was more like a family car. Or, my husband's. Not mine, you know? Prior to the Camry, my husband and I bought our very first car together when we first moved to Adelaide almost 6 years ago. A Toyota Starlet (yep, named Starla). But, never even got the chance to drive that car.

Anyway, I just thought I'd finally give Yvonne her official intro to the blogosphere. Besides, I promised to share pics. And, I've just been so busy that I only managed to take take pictures a few days ago.

Read on, as I've been tagged by Heather (one of my best, longtime online buddies) to share more things about me (and/or summarise what I've already shared) -

7 Things About Me:
(To keep in the spirit of this post, I'll make cars the theme)

1) Well, as you already know, I drive a pink Festiva car! ๐Ÿ™‚

2) And, as I've also shared, I've only been driving for less than 3 years. I'm still on P Plates.

3) I'm a really nervous driver. But, I'm learning to get over this lack of confidence. Getting better, I think.

4) The first car I've ever wanted was a RAV4. Or a Volvo. Heh.

5) I've never been in a limo - until that short joyride with some b5ers and such during BlogWorldExpo '08 in Vegas.

6) I'm not really a 'car person'. I don't long for the best, fastest, snazziest cars. It's one of those things that I think about, only when I have to. So yeah, I'm not in to Top Gear. Admittedly, though, I've become a bit more car crazy since having Yvonne. Not enough to be converted to be part of the Top Gear crowd, though. ๐Ÿ˜€

7) With #6 now in place, if money were no object and I can buy any car right now - well, I probably wouldn't care if I still drive Yvonne. But, an Alfa Romeo might be nice to have too, if I lived in a fancy house. Or a smart car. Maybe.

Oh, and yes, I'm tagging 7 other folks: Marjorie, iHanna, Dexie, Laurel, Jami, Em Dy, and sushi. Of course, you're welcome to share ANY 7 things about you. I only used cars as a theme because I wanted to keep my post focused on one topic only.

And, if I didn't put down your name but you still want to blog about 7 things about you or blog about YOUR CAR - then consider yourself tagged too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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