52WoC Party #7: The Mega Giveaway

Day 122 - Project 365 - 1st May 08 : CHOCOLATE TREATWell, pass on the chocolate. It's time for another 52 Weeks of Blogging Community Party! Today, we're giving away a bunch of stuff, so this should be cool...

Here are our 52WoC#27: Blog Birthdays/Anniversaries participants -

Here are our 52WoC #28: Your Favourite Blog Community Activity participants -

Here are our 52WoC #29: It's Blog Meme (or Group Project) Time! participants -

Here are our 52WoC #30: Blog Action Day participants -

That's a total of 43x of participation. And, the winners are....

Congratulations, Ivan Girl for winning a pair of original gocco prints -
gocco prints

Congratulations, Nenette, for winning this creativity kit -
creativity kit

Congratulations, Alicia, for winning $25 Paypal Cash OR Flickr PRO subscription for 1 year OR Picnik Pro subscription for 1 year. {Winner's Choice!}

Congratulations, Lynn, for winning either a custom-made softie or purse/tote bag. {Winner's Choice!}

And, for this prize -
seasons notebooks

There's only one contender who finished all four tasks for this month. And, it's blue rose! So, all four notebooks will find their way to you. Congratulations!

If I haven't got your mailing address yet, please email it to me at shaicogginsATgmailDOTcom. Thanks again, everyone, for a great round of 52WoC.

And, if you haven't signed up for our latest 52WoC yet (task #33), check it out. I'm extending it for another week. So, hopefully we'll get more folks in our swap.

Again, thank you everyone. I'll be sharing the prizes for 52WoC Party #8 (tasks #31 - 35) soon.

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