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sushi-homemade.jpg For many years, I've convinced myself that I didn't really like sushi. I think I made that snap judgement as a teenager after I tasted my first California Maki Roll from a fastfood place. Not a great place to start learning the art of eating sushi. But yes, after that, I didn't venture much in to sushi eating.

Early this year though, I made the decision to give sushi another try. And, I'm so glad I did. Now, I have another source of great food enjoyment.

In fact, I liked sushi so much, I ended up wanting to learn how to make them at home. And, one of the first step-by-step instruction that I found was this from Coconut and Lime: How to Make Maki Sushi. But, before I got the chance to try that one out, I found this kit from the local grocery store that I go to:


It's the Obento Sushi Kit.

And, it contains the following inside one box:

  • a packet of sushi rice
  • Nori (seaweed sheet)
  • vinegar mixing powder (for the sushi rice)
  • a small bottle of soy sauce (for dipping)
  • a small packet of wasabi
  • a bamboo mat (for rolling the sushi)
  • an instruction booklet

So, basically, all you need really is to buy whatever sushi filling you want to put in. So far, I've been going for either seasoned tuna + cucumber combo or chicken teriyaki + avocado combo or the freshly seasoned shrimp + avocado or cucumber combo.

Using the kit, I've managed to replicate the sushi flavour that I like. So, the Obento Sushi Kit does come recommended if you're a newbie wannabe sushi maker like me.

Now, my next challenge is to learn how to improve my sushi making skills. And - try to explore other ways of making sushi. Even if it means just changing the fillings that I'm used to!

I mean, look at this Papaya Shikai Maki and the intricate way that they're rolled. I even heard some people can make mini sculptures with their sushi. Not sure how that works out - but definitely way out of my league. 😉

Do YOU like sushi? What are your favourite types of sushi? Have you tried to make your own sushi yet?

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