How to Make a Bucket Hat {Creativity Weekend}

Bucket Hat {Creativity Weekend}This bucket hat pattern is now available at KIDoosh Network.

(You can either purchase a monthly membership fee to get access to the site's resources --- or you pay a small fee for a one-time access).


Okay, I admit it: I didn't have the time to do any new creative projects this weekend. So, instead, I'm sharing with you something I did a few weekends ago. Yes, I made bucket hats! Well, actually, as the kids are always needing hats for school/childcare/outings, I got inspired to make one of each for the boy and the girl.

You see, I found a free pattern online with instructions on how to sew bucket hats. But, for some reason, the URL is not available anymore. However, I do have a copy that I'm happy to send to folks who might want to give it a go. Just leave a comment in this post (using your valid email address) and I'll email the PDF file of the bucket hat pattern to you.* (see note below)

The bucket hat pattern has only one size. But, I ended up photocopying the patterns and reducing the sizes accordingly. I just used my home all-in-one scanner/printer/copier.

As I mentioned, I made two of these hats. And, I used these really cute double-sided Japanese craft fabric for the project. One's in purple with bunnies and flowers in them (pictured here). And, another's one navy blue with owls in them (for the boy). I got the fabric from a local shop called Lincraft.

It was the first sewing project that I tried using a pattern. Cutting the fabric and following the instructions were no problem. It was making nice, smooth lines when sewing the fabric together that was a real challenge to me. As you can probably see here, the hat's a bit crooked. ๐Ÿ˜€

But, the kids love them anyway. I think they really enjoy knowing that I made the hats especially for them.

Anyway, here's my girl modelling her custom-made bucket hat:

Bucket Hat {Creativity Weekend}

Maybe next time I sew new bucket hats, I can make them straighter. ๐Ÿ™‚

*Note: I'm temporarily suspending my offer to email the free bucket hat pattern that I have, as I didn't realise how popular it's going to be. It's taking too much of my time trying to email everyone the pattern. So, until I find a better solution on how to automate the process of sharing the pattern, I'm afraid that I cannot offer to email this for now. Please stay tuned for further announcements on this matter, if you're interested in getting a hold of the pattern. Thanks for your understanding.

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