Miscellaneous Monday Updates: NaBloPoMo, NaNoWriMo + 52WoC

Random UpdatesIt's one of those days when there are just so many things in my head, that I need to unload some of them here so I can clear some space. So, here you go...

On NaBloPoMo

So, NaBloPoMo'ers just celebrated the half-way mark over the weekend. And, so far, so good. I've only *almost* missed the daily blogging 2-3x. Most days, it has been smooth sailing.

Anyway, one of the things that I realised about having a blogging schedule with specific topics on set days is that it's easier to come up with something to blog about. Like anything in life that I don't put in a schedule, blogging can be a bit of a challenge if it's left purely as an ad hoc thing because... well... I get fooled in to thinking that I can blog about anything at any time. So, I jump from one idea to the next. Or put it off over and over. And then it gets too hard. So, I end up not wanting to blog about anything at all and/or not leaving enough time in my day to blog.

That's why I think even after NaBloPoMo'08 is over, I'm considering on keeping a blogging schedule. I don't know if I'll keep the one that I have for this month's NaBloPoMo or experiment with something different. And, I don't know if I can keep blogging daily or not. I'll probably try.

You see, another thing that I noticed over the last 2 weeks of daily blogging is that my subscriber base and pageviews/visits have gone up. I attribute the increase in numbers primarily due to the increase in blogging mostly because I haven't done anything special to promote my blog. So, that's another good reason to keep up with a blogging schedule, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

On NaNoWriMo

Unlike NaBloPoMo, I don't have the same schedule with NaNoWriMo. I just try to write when I had some "extra time" in my day - or when inspiration strikes (it hardly ever does, you know?! ;-)). That's why I'm way, way behind the required word limit. Most NaNo'ers should have about 25,000 words in their novel by now. Me - well, mine's over 20,000 words short of that number. Eeeps. So, the chances of me getting to 50,000 is getting extremely slim every day.

I'm cool with it, though. I mean, I did start out with NaNo thinking that I just want to give it a try. No high hopes or expectations. I know I'll be busy enough with work and life and everything else. But, I wanted to get in to the challenge anyway. Especially 'cause I've known of NaNo during its 10-year existence and yet I've never had the guts to try it out. Until this year, that is. So, at least now, I can say that I've given it a go. We'll just see how far along I can take what I've started.

But yeah, one good thing that came out of this is that now I have a "working novel". You see, I started out with a completely different idea for a story. Then, a few days in to my earlier draft, I ended up scrapping my initial idea and headed towards writing a young adult/middle school fantasy novel. And, I'm really excited about it. I think the story is shaping up well. But, since I don't have a lot of time to devote to it, I haven't really written as much as I'd like. Ah, well. I guess, that's okay. Maybe I'll get to finish it before I'm forty. ๐Ÿ™‚

In any case, the first one I started was a grown-up novel about a woman who was living such a disastrous existence and just envying everyone else's life. A twist of fate gave her the opportunity to fulfill 33 wishes in 33 days. Well, that was as far as I managed to conjure for that story. Since I only spent about 3 or 4 days on it (with less than 30 minutes a day!), the idea's not well fleshed out. It's fun, though. I really enjoy that part of fiction writing - generating ideas for stories and giving life to characters.

Getting the chance to do NaNoWriMo this year made me remember that I miss this part of my writing life. Sure, I get to write a lot now thanks to the nature of my full time work and blogging. But, in a totally different way.

Once upon a time, I wrote - and published - short stories in national magazines. Yep, I actually got paid for writing fiction! Some of them were even meant to be re-printed in a book anthology (got paid, but publication didn't go through). I even got to write and to publish a children's book (via a now-defunct publisher in Singapore; got my pay + book copy though).

And, even though I haven't gotten paid for completing a couple of young adult novels in the past (unpublished), I still loved being able to write them.

It feels like a lifetime ago, though. That fiction writing Shai seems more like a fictional character now too. But then, NaNoWriMo has sort of given her some life again. Emphasis on the 'sort of'. ๐Ÿ™‚

52WoC Note

Just a quick reminder that I'll be closing the Holiday Fun Swap Sign-Up on Wednesday, 19th Nov (that's going to be 18th Nov, Tue, to my Northern Hemisphere friends). So, if you want to take part, please leave a comment on that post asap. And, send me your preferred mailing address (so your "secret santa" knows where to send a pressy).

To those who signed up but haven't sent me your mailing addresses yet, please do so via shaicogginsATgmailDOTcom - or else, you'll be limited to a digital pressy from your "secret santa". ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, and just to let you know what we're giving away for Round #8 of 52WoC (Weeks #31-35):

Prize 1: $25 Amazon Gift Certificate (as a chance for you to buy something off your wish list!)

Prize 2: A goodie bag with surprise items in it

Sound good? Then, do make sure you join one of our 52WoC tasks. The Holiday Fun Swap is #33. So, we have 2 more to go before the next party.

OK, I think that's all the updates for now. I wish you all a great week ahead!

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