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notes-and-things.JPGLast month, for NaBloPoMo '08, I decided to come up with a daily blogging schedule. It worked so well on so many levels that I decided that I want to keep doing this, with the hope of being able to continue blogging daily as much as possible. Of course, if I do miss a couple of days here and there, I won't beat myself up for it. But, you know me - I love goal setting. 😉

I guess, I also owe this renewed determination to improve my blogging schedule thanks to my 30 days of blogging everyday experience. You see, I noticed that my stats have really improved. Yes, during the month of November, I ended up with more subscribers, more visitors, and more pageviews. That's why I'm inspired to keep going.

Having reviewed last month's schedule, however, I decided that I want to tweak a few things here and there. I think until I find the right schedule, I'll keep working on it anyway. But, for now, here's my revised blogging schedule, effective this month -

Mondays - Miscellaneous Mondays (Yes, I decided to keep this as my free-for-all day. Even if my 'themed' days seem to be easier to write, I do find that having a 'Misc Day' is still a good way to have some kind of flexibility with the things I blog about. ;-))

Tuesdays - Reviews/Recommendations (I'm moving my reviews/recommendations day to Tuesday, instead of Thursday. I'm going to try to keep this as reviews of products, places, fashion, gadgets, etc.)

Wednesdays - Web Wednesdays (I used to run the Web Wed series and it received some great feedback. I've decided to try and revive it, with a bit of tweaking. Probably, instead of simply sharing links and such, I'm hoping to extend it to general stuff on social networking, web/tool recommendations, tips and ideas, etc regarding the online world.)

Thursdays - Inspiration and Ideas (This is a concept that I would just like to play with for now. Not 100% sure on how I'll shape this up. But, I'm considering blogging about anything and everything that inspires me that week - from words and pictures to people and things. Almost as if I'm posting on a virtual 'inspiration board'.)

Fridays - 52WoC (I keep experimenting on what's the best day for 52WoC tasks. I'm not sure if Friday will work, but I thought I'll try it this time and see it's a good day for everyone.)

Saturdays - Home Life (This is basically like last month's "Foodie Friday". But, since I'm not sure if I can keep blogging about food every week, I thought I'd expand the topic to anything about the home - such as decorating, gardening, shopping, cooking, parenting, marriage, family, etc).

Sundays - Creativity Weekend (Yep, another one that I'm keeping from last month's schedule. My plan though is to share not just creative projects here, but even general stuff on photography and other arts.)

Well, there 'ya go. My new blogging schedule.

If you have any suggestions - or anything in particular that you wish me to cover in these blog posts - please let me know. I also welcome questions, advice requests, interview requests, etc. I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

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