Back from the Break {Victoria Trip Round-Up}

Victoria Trip (Dec 2008)
My week-long break officially ended today. And, as you can see from the photos here, I've had quite a trip. My family and I went to meet another family who came from Singapore to spend their holiday in Australia. We've been good friends with their family for years, so it was great to catch up again. Actually, we first knew each other as young, newly married couples. Now, both couples have two kids - and they've also become great friends over the years. It's wonderful.

Anyway, we first went to Brockspur Eco Farm at Steels Creek for the start of our trip. We stayed there for about 2 days and 2 nights. It's a great place that deserves a full review, so I hope to do just that in one of my review posts soon. Needless to say, we loved it!

During the farm stay, we also visited nearby areas to take in all the beauty that that area of country Victoria has to offer - like the Murrindi Reserve and a quick trip to Healesville to go to the Hedgend Maze.

After the farm stay, we headed back to Healesville to stay there overnight. Another great find was this small place called Barb's B&B. It's really more like a self-contained apartment that offers plenty of goodies cook-it-yourself breakfast + snacks. We also met the owner of the place - Barb, a lovely lady, who's apparently from South Australia.

Whilst at Healesville, the highlight of our stay was a short - but eventful - trip to the Healesville Sanctuary. Something that included a kangaroo attack. Yes, for some reason, our friends' youngest child was unfortunately attacked by one of the kangaroos. Something that doesn't usually happen. Thank goodness the wounds were mostly superficial and nothing else went wrong. But yeah, it gave us all quite a fright.

Anyway, since it was our last evening with our friends, we decided to hold a small Christmas dinner back at our B&B apartment. Now that was fun. And yummy.

The next day, we headed to the Dandenong Ranges, where we took the popular Puffing Billy Steam Train from Belgrave to Lakeside - and then back again after a picnic by the Emerald Lake. For my husband and myself, it was our second ride on the Puffing Billy. But, it was the first time for our kids - and they really enjoyed it. Back at Belgrave, we said our goodbyes to our friends with the hopes that we'll see them again in the next year or so. Then, we drove to Melbourne. Since it was late, we just opted to stay in our self-contained apartment (Punt Hill).

On our last day in Melbourne, we took the tram to the CBD and ended up walking along Bourke Street. The great Christmas displays and decorations were really incredible to see. And, we enjoyed our quick trip and lunch at China Town. Although I've been to Melbourne before, this was the first time I tried visiting these areas of the CBD.

After lunch, we went to Melbourne 360 - Rialto, which was something I did last time I visited the city. However, since it was the kids' first visit - it became a different kind of experience for me too.

Since we still had a few more hours to go before our evening flight, we decided to drive to St. Kilda. It was the first time I saw this part of Melbourne, so it was great to see the beach side of the place. Unfortunately, Luna Park was shut, so we didn't get to see it. But, we managed a quick snack by a beachside cafe and a drive around the area before heading back to Melbourne Airport and flying back to Adelaide.

All in all, a wonderful family holiday

For more details of the photos above, check out the links to the Flickr pictures below -

1. Melbourne City - from the Rialto, 2. Roast Meal from China Town in Melbourne, 3. "How Santa Really Works" Display (Bourke St, Melbourne), 4. Double : Self Portrait in Melbourne, 5. Apartment in Melbourne - Bedroom, 6. Victoria Trip (Dec 08), 7. Victoria Trip (Dec 08), 8. Victoria Trip (Dec 08), 9. Victoria Trip (Dec 08), 10. Victoria Trip (Dec 08), 11. Victoria Trip (Dec 08), 12. Victoria Trip (Dec 08), 13. Victoria Trip (Dec 08), 14. Victoria Trip (Dec 08), 15. Victoria Trip (Dec 08), 16. Victoria Trip (Dec 08), 17. Victoria Trip (Dec 08), 18. Victoria Trip (Dec 08), 19. Creek - in Slow, 20. Creek, 21. Rainforest View, 22. Wildflowers at the Farm, 23. Veggie Garden Produce at the Farm, 24. Feeding Chickens in the Farm, 25. Milking the Goats at the Farm, 26. Brockspur Eco Farm Loft, 27. Horse at the Farm, 28. Sheep at the Farm, 29. More Sheep at the Farm, 30. Bedroom at the Farm, 31. Fresh Free Range Eggs at the Farm, 32. Fresh Fruit and Vegies at the Farm, 33. Flowers at the Farm Loft, 34. Fruit & Vegie Basket, 35. Floral Arrangement, 36. Dining Room at the Farm Loft

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