Web Wednesday #18: The Return!

Web Wednesday with Shai CogginsI'm excited to bring you the return of Web Wednesdays right here. It has been months since I posted an update on this series. So, I hope that today's featured sites will show that this is worth reviving.

Here are some fun webby stuff that I wish to share with you...

  • Poladroid - If you want to create Polaroids of your photos, this is one cool tool to use. You just need to download a light programme, drag your photo to the app, and then watch it get 'developed' like a real Polaroid. Yes, complete with the sound and gradual appearance of the photo. Nice. (I think this is currently Mac-only, though. Not sure.)
  • FriendorFollow - Web Wednesdays are often filled with Twitter tools, so today's no exception. This tool allows you to check those who friend or follow you back.
  • 18 Free Custom Fonts - I'm sooo happy to have found this list of free fonts. I'm already in love with some of them! (Hat tip: Lee Hopkins)
  • 50 Beautiful WordPress Themes - I always find it interesting to browse these types of list. I don't always use the suggested themes, but I enjoy looking at well designed blog designs anyway.
  • Twiigs - This is a cool-looking way to conduct online polls and surveys. Haven't fully tested it yet, but it looks promising.
  • AdImpact - I haven't tested this one yet either, but I thought it seems interesting. It's basically a pop-up ad service that may be used by site/blog owners. And no, they're not your typical pop-ads. They actually look cool. But, we'll see! There is a free version and for-a-fee one too.
  • Sharpie Blog - I'm not exactly a big fan of Sharpie - but I do like the pens. And, I thought they started off a good blog too.
  • Retaggr - Looking for a way to share your different profiles (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) in a nice, compact way? This is one tool to use! Very similar to Google Profile, but with more flexibility.
  • SocialToo - Here's another social media tool that you can use in conjunction with your Facebook, Twitter, or Identi.ca. It offers several features, but so far, I'm testing out the auto follow/unfollow tool that works with Twitter. And so far, I'm liking it even though it's not completely accurate. I think it's working out well for me in general at this stage. But, we'll see. For now, I'm keeping it.

So, there you go. My web recommendations of the week. What do you think? If you have any tips/suggestions that you like to send my way, please do. I'm always happy to check out different sites and apps.

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