Welcome, 2009! {Happy New Year}

Fireworks Display to Welcome 2009

The start of another year is always a welcome time for me. I love being able to reflect on how the past year has been like... major accomplishments, moments that changed me, and interesting things that happened, among other things. And, I love it even more that I'm able to look forward to another year of creating moments and memories.

Last year, the word TODAY played a big role. From the moment I blogged about it on the first day of 2008, it has affected the way I looked at various things in my life. And, while I see how my "super fab word of the year" led me to find things that I found extremely challenging (and even painful), it also led me to discover things that I ended up loving and cherishing.

So yes, choosing a 'word of the year' did come up with an interesting mode of thinking. That's why I decided that I'll carry that idea on for 2009.

And, for some reason the word BLISS came up for me as I was wondering about this topic. So, hopefully, I'll be able to share more about my word for this year.

Another 'tradition' that I have at this time of the year is coming up with goals for the year. Yes, it came up with the 'New Year's Resolutions' idea. But, since I started to turn away from the traditional way of coming up with resolutions many, many years ago, I came up with my 'Personal Goals/Plans for the Year' route instead.

Usually, towards the end of the year, I sit down with good ol' pen and journal in hand - and using my old journal (with the year's goals/plans) + my new journal (where I am to write the coming year's goals/plans) - I review and re-establish what I hope to do/focus on for the year. Some of them stay the same. Some get edited/changed. Some get removed and replaced with new ones. Some get completely accomplished, so I come up with a fresh view on what else I'd love to accomplish in a similar fashion. I often end up having 10 to 20 things on my list. And, they're of various nature - from personal development to career plans to relationships and family goals. An example of this list is an edited version that I posted in January 2007.

What about you? What does the new year mean to you? Do you have any traditions that you keep? How do you usually prepare for and welcome the new year?

In any case, regardless of your traditions, goals, and plans for this year - may 2009 bring you many blissful moments to cherish forever. Have a wonderful new year!

I look forward to sharing many interesting events, stories, resources, projects, and more with you in 2009.

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