10 Ways to Kick-Start Work in the New Year

Work Planner DiaryToday marks the beginning of my first official day back at work. It's always tough to get back on 'normal work mode' after being on holidays. I experience a small part of it at the end of every weekend, but after a week-long (or longer) break, it gets even more challenging.

So, how do I get the work started in the new year?

1. Look at my annual plans. At the end of the year, creating a new year work strategy can be very helpful. And today, that's one of the first things that I looked at. I printed off my "Plans and Strategies" doc and reviewed it to give me some focus.

2. Set my goals for the year. This is related to point number one, wherein I come up with actionable goals that work with my plans/strategies. I then break off these goals to more manageable sections - just for this week. And, for the month. I'll do the weekly ones at the start of every work week from hereon. And, I'll look at my monthly goals at the beginning of each month. (Note: I've only started my goal-setting. I still need to refine my work goals for the year.)

3. Identify immediate projects and deadlines. Everything that needs urgent action gets put on my work board and/or To Do List.

4. Buy new office supplies. I can't help it. I love office supplies. I've even been told that when I was once 'sleep talking', I even kept saying "staplers" whilst dreaming (weird, I know!). So, I think it's always nice to start off the new working year with some new supplies. Some faves to start off the new year: organisers/planners, calendars, pens, notebooks, and binders/folders.

5. Work with my organiser/planner. Even though I have electronic versions of organisers/planners, I still enjoy having a good old fashioned planner that comes with calendars (and all sorts of tidbits like holidays for the year, etc). I write down events, appointments and deadlines accordingly.

6. Clear out some backlog emails. On a normal work week, tackling my inbox is already a massive challenge. But, after the holidays, it's really a bit of a mess. So, I try to catch up on this and answer emails that need my attention. And, for those unnecessary stuff... Well, there's the delete button. 🙂

7. Organise the workspace. Since I work from home, I was able to use the last couple of days during my holiday to start re-organising and de-cluttering my home office. My dear husband was even kind of enough to remove the old grubby curtains that were hanging here - and replaced them with nice new white window blinds. So, my work area looks nice and fresh too!

8. Read work-related resources. It can be very inspiring to get going with work when you read books, blogs, articles, and such with topics like goal setting, increasing productivity, career planning, and working styles. They really help to get me in 'work mode' quite well.

9. Engage a Booster Team system. This is a multi-level support system that I'm thinking of looking more and more in to. It comes with the premise that success and happiness don't come if you only look within yourself. And, that help can come from many places (and people). One of the things that I did this year related to this Booster Team that I'm putting together is something that I've never done before: Get myself into a coaching programme. I'll probably talk more about this in a future post. In fact, I'm hoping to talk more about Booster Teams in the coming weeks and months. So, stay tuned.

10. Think of happy thoughts. Sounds lame, I know. But seriously, I think it's a good way to start anything. Just visualise a couple of positive things that can happen in the new year regarding your work - and see how you can attract the positivity in to your reality. No matter how bad things had been in the previous year, the new year may be just what you need to start over and turn things around.

Your Turn:

How do you usually start your work in the new year? Do you have any special tips and tools to get over your holiday hangover? Do you have any favourite work routines, goals, habits...? What's one new thing that you're incorporating in your work life this year?

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