The Best Job in the World : A Call for Applicants


Can this be true? Is Australia finally getting it? Are we going to see more of this?

I was really thrilled when I first heard about this fabulous job opportunity during today's edition of Sunrise on Channel 7.

To me, it's not even just about the perks of the job - being paid to swim and snorkel and live in the gorgeous Hamilton Islands in Queensland for 6 months. Yes, the work of Island Caretaker of the Great Barrier Reef sounds as close to a Fab Job as possible. Seriously.

I mean - what can you say about living in a 3-bedroom house, getting free airfare from the home city, reporting for various media outlets in Australia... and getting paid $150,000 AUD for this 6-month contract? It's like getting a fantastic holiday - with pay and benefits!

What excites me though are the fact that:

A) Tourism Queensland is the one advertising for this position. (Yay! Massive webby points for you!)


B) They specifically ask for someone who can BLOG - write blog entries and do video blogs.

Wow-sers! It's probably THE biggest blogging-related position that was ever offered here in Australia in a mainstream manner. At least, one that I'm aware of.

How can I not be excited?

It seems to be taking Australia a very long time to "get" web and social media. Sure, we have a lot of fabulous and talented bloggers here. And, it's so much easier to mention the word "blog" nowadays in the mainstream - and not appear like an alien from planet XYZ. But, there's definitely still a lot of room for things to grow around here.

So yeah, it's exciting.

Will I be applying for it? Well, I'm gainfully employed in blogging already* (and living near the beautiful beaches here in South Australia too!). With a young family. So, no. I think I'm happy to give other folks a chance to get in to it. 😉

I'm just looking forward to what else is in store for Australia and the world of web and social media in the coming months.

* It's funny how it works out sometimes.

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