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A few days ago, Karen Cheng, one of the top Australian bloggers (and a good long-time online friend), wrote to me saying that she'll be in in my neck of the woods for a quick visit. She wanted to meet up for lunch or a cuppa, just to catch up. At the time, the purpose of the trip was kept hush-hush because she was being asked to meet with a famous celebrity athlete. Later, it was revealed that she was only one of two interviewers who was granted an exclusive interview with Lance Armstrong, who's currently participating in the popular Tour Down Under here in Adelaide. I was really thrilled for her (and the fact that a blogger got such a fabulous opportunity!).

Of course, I knew that I'd be making time for her no matter what. After all, when I visited Perth/Fremantle, WA a few years ago - and I wrote to her that I was going to be in town - she was more than enthusiastic about meeting up. She even brought her lovely family with her.

Anyway, my sis ended up tagging along during our get-together. Of course, they both talked shop about fashion/beauty blogging, as it's an interest that they share. Other than that, we chatted about the state of social media in Perth and Adelaide, as well as a few other things about work, family, design, shopping, and other similar interests. It was definitely a fabulous catch-up. Sasha shared more pics and her side of the story at Style Manila.

And, writing of Australian Bloggers and Meet-Ups, I thought I'd mention that the Adelaide Bloggers' and Social Web Media Group is holding its first 2009 get-together tomorrow, Friday, 23 January 2009. For more information and/or to RSVP via Facebook, check out the January 2009 Meet-up Event Page. Or, our Meet-up.com Page (sponsored by Australianblogs.com.au). Other than the fact that this is the first meet-up that I've organised this year, I'm really excited to share that this is also the first meet-up where we managed to get a venue sponsor.

Yes, the meet-up is being held at Caffe Primo - Norwood from 6 to 9pm. And, the good folks at Caffe Primo has offered free house wine + softdrinks to all attendees AND a 50% discount on all other orders. Let's hope that we got those details right! In any case, a special thanks goes out to my sister who did the legwork on organising that sponsorship deal.

I'm looking forward to seeing good friends from the group - and meeting new ones this year. And, I hope that we'll have more exciting things to come for our growing group - and for Australian bloggers and social media enthusiasts as a whole.


Note: As I was preparing this post, South Australian Premier Mike Rann and Deputy Premier and Treasurer Kevin Foley just followed me on my Twitter account. Well, at least that's what their profiles say. Whether they're really Mr Rann and Mr Foley... we'll see. I wonder if they'd come to the meet-up, though? After all, they just live nearby! 😀

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