Coming Up for Air Again

Glenelg Jetty ViewReading my last post here, I was surprised to see that it has been a week since I last updated. Has it been that long already? Well, just so you know, here are some things that I've been up to recently -

1. Events, events, events! My son just turned 5 recently and we held a Sports Party for him and his friends. I think we all had a good time. Other than that, there were also birthday parties and a citizenship party for some of my good friends. Plus, a few other happenings around here. More to come too.

2. Becoming a Parent to a School-Aged Child. Yes, my newly-turned-five boy has started school a week ago. So, there are all sorts of new routines to follow. Quite hectic. And, to think, I haven't even figured out a time to volunteer for school activities yet. Eeps.

3. Getting some consulting/casual work at my old workplace. That's right. My wonderful supervisor whom I worked with a few years ago has given me a new short contract in the not-for-profit organisation that I used to work for as a P/T Graduate Officer in Psych. The organisation primarily services people with intellectual disabilities. I left the organisation when I went to work full time for b5. So, I'm grateful that I'm able to go back and pick up some work there again. Even though my contract's nothing major, I still think it's fantastic. I love my colleagues and clients there. And, I've really missed working with them. So, it is quite nice to be back. Even if it's just on a short-term basis. (Oh, and I found out yesterday that the team boss reads my blog occasionally, so I want to give her a virtual wave here, in case she's reading!). 🙂

3. Establishing new schedules. With all these changes with work, school, and living arrangements, my family and I are having to get used to new sleeping/waking/working/eating times and such.

4. Exploring opportunities. I've been chatting to a lot of people about possible involvements in their projects... and starting/working on my own projects. It's amazing how much time these things take up! Not only do you end up discussing various aspects of the proposed projects... there are also proposals and plans to put together. Also, I've received an offer to do a Master's programme a couple of weeks ago in one of the Universities here in Adelaide. And now, I'm seriously considering the idea of studying again for another qualification. If I pursue it, then I'll be on my way to working on a second postgraduate degree. It's all very exciting stuff. Stressful too. But, exhilarating! My hope is that that degree will not only lead me to a great career that I love... but also open up other enterprising opportunities that I'm interested in.

5. Learning to love being lost. This is sooo contrary to my nature of wanting to come up with goals and plans. Sure, I still come up with "goals" - but they're quite loose at the moment. You see, a wise career advisor said that the best thing to do at a time like this is just to enjoy being lost. Wander about a bit. Instead of doing default work and taking up 'obvious opportunities' - leave those alone for a while. Or just let them happen if they do. Then, just do things that you don't normally do. And, do things that you used to love to do - but didn't have the time for. You never know what will open up this way.

6. Taking time for personal assessments and reflection. My journals and idea books haven't seen so much action in such a short time. But, I know that this is part of how I deal with transitions, changes, opportunity explorations, and being lost. I've been taking stock of past experiences, present state, and future hopes. I've been letting my mind run wild with all sorts of ideas and dreams.

7. Completed my first month in a coaching programme. When I first signed up for this coaching programme, I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know if it will help at all or not. But, a month in to the programme, I'm pleased. I wish there was more input from the coach. But, I probably need a different programme for that. In any case, for now, this is working. So, I hope to be able to continue.

8. Getting to do things that I love. Surrounding myself with things that nourish me. As I said earlier, as part of my "enjoyment in being lost" - I'm allowing myself to do fun, nourishing stuff. I'm getting to read a lot more than I used to. I'm getting to play with my kids more - and do more stuff with them without trying to hurry up all the time so I can do my work. I'm getting to talk and connect with people that I like. I'm also cooking more. I'm even getting to do a bit more doodling, creative dreamstorming, and some non-work-related writing. In fact, I've even started experimenting on writing a cookbook. And, I've also organised a short camping trip for my husband's birthday that's due to happen in the next few weeks.

Oh, and yes, I've been trying to survive the heatwave here in Adelaide too. We've been having 40'C days here the last week or so. In fact, the highest temp I think was 45'C and the city felt like it was melting. This week, it has been in the high 30s. But, we're hoping that things will start cooling down soon.

Anyway, what about you? What have you been up to lately?

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