On Becoming a Graduate Student (Again!)

school-books-woodsy-sxchu.jpgPlease excuse my sporadic blogging here at the Studio. Things have been really hectic on my side of the sky over the last few weeks.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I've been going through a lot of decision-making processes in various areas of my life. And, as some of you may have already read through my Tweets/Plurks/FB updates, one of the things that I've ended up deciding on recently is going back to University.

Yes, today marks my first day back as a Student. This time, I'm doing a Master of Teaching in Special Education. And yes, this is the second postgraduate degree that I've enrolled in.

You see, in 2004, I was awarded a Master of Social Science in Applied Psychology. This was a few years after I finished my four-year Bachelor of Science in Psychology undergraduate degree. And, while these qualifications enabled me to become a psychologist while I was living in Singapore, there are other requirements here in Australia to become a registered psychologist. In fact, I was actually doing an approved psych registration programme through my work as a Graduate Officer in Psychology a couple of years ago in a local organisation for people with disabilities.

But, due to a "crazy opportunity" that I've come across online, that plan was put aside to pursue another dream. 😉

However, now that that opportunity has shifted gears, I knew that I'll be happiest* if I go back to my "occupational roots" --- of doing Values-Based Work that I've always loved. Something that is more than "just a job". Something that's not all about the "bottomline" or rankings or titles. Something that can really make a difference.

Sure, I know I'll always have my entrepreneurial side. I can't help it. My parents raised me with business on the brain. After all, I did start making money through business since I was 10 years old. So, no matter what I do, I'll always come up with some business idea that I can tie in to my passion. That's why even now, I already have some projects-in-the-making that relate to my current interest in kids and education.

I mean, money's great, right? Having money is even more wonderful, of course. It's no use pretending that it's not important. It is. Very much so. But, money's not everything.

Yeah, to me, the key element in a Life's Work is this: Passion.

I love being able to pursue work that empowers me to carry out such passion. And creativity. And meaning. And joy.

That's why as I sang and drummed to the beat of some silly poem (as well as marched and carried out hysterical movements to fun sounds) during my "Music + Movement Teaching" workshop today, I felt right at home.

This is something that I need to do. Right here, right now.

And, while the thought of doing assignments, presentations, and exams scare me, I'm also really, really excited as I peruse my Topic Information Booklets, Readings, and Text Books.

Will I be able to complete this graduate degree? Well, we all have 2+ years to find that out! Wish me luck.

*Bliss, being my word-of-the-year, was a good guide to my decision-making!

Image courtesy of: Steve Woods (sxc.hu)

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