My Top 10 Bliss List of the Moment

flowers_diary_ClaraLam-sxc.jpgRecently, my good friend Christine gave me a nudge on Twitter about updating this blog. I don't always get blog update nudges like that, so I thought that I probably should post something here after over a week of silence. And, as some of you may already know, when I struggle with narrative, I always turn to lists.

So, in connection with my word-of-the-year, here's my bliss list-of-the-moment (in no particular order):

1. Seeing my son flourish in his new school. It is such a joyful thing to watch his confidence and happiness grow in his new environment. My husband and I were concerned that the change might prove to be a challenge. Like taking a fish out of its fishbowl or something. But instead, it's more like throwing a fish back in to the sea. To say that he's loving it is such an understatement. And, we can't be happier. He has shown us that sometimes, what may seem like painful change is actually the best thing one can do to find one's bliss.

2. My Grad School studies. I know, I know... it's too soon to tell if this is going to be The Best Thing Ever. But, I must admit, I can't believe the number of times when I felt like my heart was going to burst with joy - just doing what I'm doing now... and learning what I'm learning. Sure, it's only towards the end of Week 2 right now. And yes, I'm also feeling extremely exhausted - and a little bit overwhelmed with all the work that I need to put in to my studies. But, it's like a dream come true --- being able to sit down in class learning about music, media, creative writing, design technology, special education, storytelling, visual arts, reading... all in one go. Not to mention, being able to make puppets and pop-up books and cards, visit libraries, paint, draw, write journals, read and write storybooks and poetry, create podcasts and videos, study child development, buy school supplies + textbooks ... and more. It's a Renaissance Soul's fantasy life.   

3. Watching my little girl grow. It's unbelievable - but yes, she's turning 2 soon. She's already talking and learning soooo much. It's funny how some of the people who help us to take care of her insist on getting her "tested" some time. I have no plans of doing that any time soon. But, I guess, the reason they say that sort of thing is because at age one, she can recite and recognise the numbers 1 to 10... recognise the alphabet (and can recite some of it)... She's great with puzzles (able to do 6-piece puzzles independently + puzzles w/about 20 single shapes in them)... She can also identify half a dozen shapes + a half a dozen colours + body parts, etc. I know I'm sounding like such a proud mum - because I am. But, I also know that I better stop now. So, I will. Heh.

4. Working part-time at M. It's just a one-day-a-week casual job. However, it's really great on many levels. It helps with the family budget, of course. But, other than that, I just love being able to work alongside really wonderful people. There's something to be said when your place of work can nourish and encourage you in more ways than one. And, it looks like they might even extend my contract for a few more months again. Yay.

5. Fun times with hubby. It has been a very long time since I've ever been this happy. The last few months have been very very difficult for me - personally and professionally. And, that sort of thing affects me in many ways. Including not knowing how to have fun in different aspects of my life. I know that I'm in a "good place" when hubby and I also end up having plenty of fun talking to each other - and just spending time together.

6. Great online friends. Seriously. You guys rock. Every time I feel a bit blah or something, you all help to cheer me up - not just by commenting on my posts and such. But, by sharing your own experiences and joys through your Tweets, Plurks, Facebook updates, blog posts, and other ways. While I do have a massive backlog of comments that I need to respond to, I must say that I really do enjoy reading them. I always look forward to comments and posts.

7. 52WoCers rock even more. What can I say? I heart blog community supporters. Yes, I owe you all a follow-up to this post. And, I will. You all deserve it. Thanks so much!

8. My recent camping experience. Almost 2 weeks ago, my family (together with a couple of friends) went on a weekend camping trip to a place called Port Elliot here in South Australia. Admittedly, I'm not big on camping (I love my home comforts too much!). But, I do enjoy the experience every now and then - as long as it's just within a few days. Heh. Anyway, this particular camping trip was probably one of my fave camping experiences. And, I'm hoping that we'll be able to do it at least once a year as a family from hereon (and with friends, hopefully).

9. The JMMO Blog. For some reason, I've developed a fresh interest in my Just Make Money Online blog. Maybe, partly because I'm immersed in the hunt for 'extra income online' once again. And, partly because I know a lot of people are also in a similar boat - especially during these tough economic times. So, I'm finding that through JMMO, I'm not only helping myself to look to the web for extra cash, but also helping others to do the same.

10. Everyday Matters. Yesterday, when I picked up my daughter from childcare after work and my classes at Uni, I saw a nasty car accident. Two cars collided at the very junction that I passed just 10 minutes or so before it all happened. Seeing that accident shook me up a bit. I mean, things like that really break my heart because I can't imagine what people must go through when they experience such things. And also, I was really surprised to see it because I felt as though I was just there in the very same spot of the accident. It really shows that that sort of thing can happen to anyone. And, how things can change in an instant. It's important to remember. Especially to remember things that really, really matter. Everyday.

So, what's on your Bliss List of the Moment?

Image source: Clara Lam (via sxc.hu)

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