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One of the challenges I face as a blogger here at ShaiCoggins.com is my tendency to want to blog only when I have long thought-out posts. So, now that I'm so busy with studies, work, and other projects, I end up neglecting this blog. And - I feel terribly guilty about it in the process.

Then, I remembered this wonderful conversation I had with Liz Strauss, when we first met in New York City a couple of years ago. She told me that one of the things that she had to overcome when she started blogging, was to resist the urge to come up with posts that appear like "full-fledged articles" - somewhat like blog posts all wrapped-up nicely with a bow. And, she said that letting go of that urge was liberating and helpful for her and her blogging practice.

I remember mentioning that I share such a sentiment. Since I primarily worked on the web as a feature writer especially in my early online years, my tendency is still to want to view my blog posts as "articles". I mean, sure, they can be. After all, such blog posts tend to attract more viewers and readers. But, they don't always have to be all wrapped-up and tied with bows.

Sometimes, they can be just visual pointers and markers. Other times, just a snapshot of a process - or a life. They don't always have to teach, to inspire, or to impart a useful knowledge. They can be incomplete, open-ended, unfinished thoughts... Well, they can be anything, really. That's the beauty of blogging.

I know that and practice that in some of my other blogs. In fact, I know that I've been trying to do that here too. But, somehow, I keep going back to this "nicely wrapped and tied with a bow" blogging mentality.

So, in an attempt to maintain this blog - especially during these extremely busy times - I'm giving myself the challenge to write quick blog posts. REGULARLY. I mean, sure, I'll probably still write my long drawn-out posts whenever I get the chance and the inclination. But, I intend to release myself from wanting to create full-blown blog posts. Short, simple ones will do. No wrapping. No bows.

I hope you agree that that is A Good Thing too.

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