A Tribute to Entrepreneurial Women in the Philippines

When my good online friend, Jasmin Tragas, mentioned her latest fund-raising project, TRIBUTE - in conjunction with Incentive House - I knew I had to take part. After all, how can I resist blogging for a good cause? Especially since it’s tied to the Philippines. You see, even though I am happy to call myself a “new Australian,” I will always remember the land where I come from. My original home - the Philippines.

Anyway, back to Jasmin’s fund-raising efforts for a microfinancing project. Basically, she’s trying to raise $6,500 to fund a Trust Bank in order to finance a group of women in the Philippines who are trying to get out of poverty through creating work/business. This is via Women’s Opportunity (Opportunity International).

Upon learning about Jasmin’s project, Incentive House (a Melbourne-based business) has offered up to $1,000 for the Opportunity International fundraiser. That is, for every blog post an Australian blogger writes about this project (“Tribute”) until the end of March 2009, Incentive House will donate $100. So, there’s room for 10 Australian bloggers to make a difference in contributing to the cause. To learn more about this project, visit Jasmin’s post on this challenge. If you’re not Australian and/or if you are unable to meet the deadline, you can still contribute by donating directly to Opportunity International microfinancing fundraiser.

* * *

When this topic of giving a tribute to the entrepreneurial poor women in the Philippines came up, two women immediately came to mind: my late maternal grandmother and my mom^.

It’s no secret that even though I have never fully experienced poverty, many of my relatives knew what it really meant to be poor. I even wrote about some of my reflections on this in my post on poverty for Blog Action Day 2008.

Now that this has come up again, I am dedicating this tribute post to my late maternal grandmother and my mother - who both were very instrumental in showing me that entrepreneurship and hard work can help you to live better lives. They are both examples of women in the Philippines who managed to escape poverty by going in to business and learning how to save and to invest accordingly. I am grateful for what they’ve done, as we the children/the grandchildren… and our own children… are now reaping the rewards of their efforts.

And, I am hoping that through Jasmin’s microfinancing fundraiser, many more women and families will be able to escape the hardships of poverty.

* * *

^Note: I was going to post a photo of my lola (grandmother) and my mom here as my main contribution to this tribute post, as I don’t have the time to write a longer post right now. But, my scanner is refusing to cooperate unfortunately. Once I get the scanner to work again, I will try to update this post with pictures, if possible. For now, I just want to get this post done in time for the deadline, so I can take part in the Tribute post challenge.   

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