Look of the Week: 280409

Look of the Week: 280409

It has been a while since I took any recent self portraits. In fact, none that I remember from this year. Considering how much I enjoyed and learned from self portraiture last year, I thought I'd give it another go. No schedules, no projects... Just take some photos whenever inspiration hits.

These self portraits are based on a look that I felt inspired to put together today. You see, I've had such an emotional start to my week - one camera lens broke, ridiculous amount of assignments, stress over some silly matters, a story that broke my heart, etc etc. So, I thought playing dress-up would cheer me up somehow. Well, it sort of helped. It didn't chase the troubles away, but at least I liked how I looked while I was feeling down. 😉

Anyway, in my attempt to heed my fashionista sister's fashion-blogging advice, here are my notes on this look (from head to toe) -

  • White elastic headband - Cheap as Chips (Seriously! It actually belongs to my two-year-old daughter. Heh.)
  • Sapphire earrings - from Bangkok, Thailand
  • Glass heart pendant with black velvet ribbon - Gift from sister-in-law, based in South Africa
  • Light purple long-sleeved top - Giordano
  • Black vest with faux fur-lined hood - Witchery (Gift from hubby)
  • Beaded bracelet - Gift from my mom, I believe
  • Black lace skirt - Topshop (hand-me-down from my sis)
  • Purple leggings - Target
  • Tall black boots - Not sure where these are from. I just remember buying them at Harbour Town a couple of years ago.

Where To: Grad School lectures

Phew! How hard was that? Haha. Maybe if I keep doing these look-of-the-week posts, it'll get easier. You see, even though I like clothes and dressing up, I'm not really one to take notes and 'talk fashion'. That's why even though my sis has been encouraging me to try fashion blogging, I haven't really gotten in to it. Strange how that worked out because I encouraged her to do fashion blogging to start with. Heh.

In any case, I'm always up for a challenge. So, here I am. Let's see if I can keep this up.

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