Bliss List of the Moment: 290609 Edition

6) Sea and Me: Self Portrait Collage (Step-by-Step : For Final Presentation)It has been a while since I last created my bliss list of the moment. So, I figured it's time for a new and updated version. Actually, I wish I'm able to write more bliss lists more often. I realise they're wonderful tools for practicing "blissology" (yes, in conjunction with my word-of-the-year, bliss). And, of course, they're great reminders of the good things in life. So, here you go...

  • Completing my first semester of grad school - When I first wrote my "bliss list", I was just starting my return to Uni. I can't believe just how time flew so fast, and now, I'm 1/4 of the way through my Master of Teaching (Special Education) studies. I am so rapt. I have yet to hear about my final marks in my topics. But, I think I did much better than I expected or hoped. So, that's a bonus.
  • Loving my 3-week Break from Uni - No matter how much I enjoyed grad school, I am soooo happy to be having a break. The last few months had been pretty full on. So, this is a welcome respite from all the readings, assignments, projects, presentations, and such.
  • Getting my part-time work contract renewed at M - So very grateful to be able to continue working at this place. I'm still on a short contract, but it's working well so far. That's why I'm happy. My supervisor's even really cool to accommodate my upcoming practicum schedule. Yay indeed.
  • Re-reading Harry Potter 6 - Yes, yes... I'm enjoying my HP-mania again. This is, of course, in preparation for the upcoming movie release. I already made a 'date' to see it with some new Uni friends. And, I'm really excited!
  • New friendships - One of the toughest parts about migrating to a new country is that lack of a social network to start with. Over the years, we've slowly built up some good relationships through work and a few other venues. Lately, I'm happy to make new friends through Uni and a few other places too...
  • Family's Health - About a month ago, my 2-year-old girl became really sick. She ended up hospitalised due to a respiratory virus. It was really scary because she stopped eating and drinking for 2 to 3 days. She was on IV and had to be put on oxygen. Thankfully, she bounced back quite quickly. The doctor told us that some of its effects will probably linger for a while (she's had a bad cold/cough for a few days now)... But, so far, she's doing well. My boys are doing well too.
  • Reconnecting with some old friends - Over the last month or so, I've been having the privilege of reconnecting with some old friends in different ways. It's sooo great to have such an experience. And, I'm looking forward to more - and to seeing how it all evolves.
  • Cooking and baking - This may sound really strange, but one of the things that bring me a lot of joy lately is food. That's why I've been cooking and baking a lot. I mean, I already cook on a regular basis. But lately, I've been going a bit crazy preparing "feasts" for no apparent reason. Other than enjoying the products of my kitchen escapades, I think I'm really just enjoying feeding people at the moment. Heh.
  • TV bliss - I don't get to watch a lot of TV lately. But, I have to admit, I've been trying to follow this British-made show called Merlin. It's a crazy adaptation of the famous Arthurian legend. But, I'm loving it. And yeah, I've also been trying to follow the latest season of Australia's Next Top Model. But, other than the photo shoots (the primary reason why I watch this), I didn't really like this season very much. Too many things wrong with it. Oh, and I recently discovered this Filipino-produced show from last year called I <3 Betty La Fey. It's basically an adaptation of the hit Colombian TV show, which is also the basis of the popular U.S. show called Ugly Betty. I never watched the Colombian show, and have only seen a handful of the U.S. version. But, I'm re-connecting with my Pinoy roots by trying to watch the Filipino version on YouTube. Heh.
  • Headbands - They're my latest fashion fetish. Not sure why. But yeah, I've been using more headbands lately. I'll see if I can blog about this more some other time.
  • Marshmallow Socks - Great for keeping my toes warm this winter! I only have a couple of pairs at the moment. I received them a couple of months ago for Mother's Day. And, I'm really loving them. And yeah, having an electric blanket helps too. 🙂
  • Watching my kids play together - My boy and my girl are beginning to play more and more together lately. And, it is such a joy to watch. I'm especially fond of the after-dinner performances that my husband and I have been getting the last few weeks. Such blissful moments indeed.
  • Warm winter days - Such rare treats, so I really enjoy them when I can.
  • Planning our Big Trip - Getting really excited about this now. Not yet time to talk about it, though. One of these days...!
  • Development of a Favourite Project - Another one that I can't really go in to any details just yet. But, this is definitely one that's making me plenty happy lately.

What about you? What's on your bliss list lately?

Image: "The Sea and Me: A Self Portrait Collage" - This was based on a final presentation for my Expressive Arts topic this semester.

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