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It has been flat out crazy during the last couple of weeks, that's why I haven't been around much lately. But, you know me. No matter how full my plate may be, my brain's always whizzing all over the place. No one can accuse me of having a one track mind, that's for sure. In any case, here are some of the things that I've been thinking about recently...

  • Completing my first teaching practicum - It's incredible to think that I have actually completed my first major placement. Yes, I've been a primary school teacher for four weeks and I've survived (my students are scratch-free too, methinks). Great feedback from my mentor teacher (also received a farewell bouquet of flowers from her!). And, even though there were days when I questioned my sanity for doing what I'm doing (I think that sort of thing happens, especially when you're averaging 4 to 5 hour sleeps most days), I think I'm quite stoked with the overall experience. Sure, there were hiccups and such, but I know I learned a lot . And, I even managed to have some fun along the way!
  • Starting my second semester at grad school - Although I only finished my prac a few days ago, I'm back to Uni this week. Not in full force yet until next week, though. But yeah, it's back to readings, lectures, tutorials, and assignments. Thankfully, compared to the first semester, this one appears to be a bit lighter load. I have two major subjects, one of which is a combination of two topics: 1) Theories of Behaviour Management (special ed component) and 2) Physical Education + Science. Eeeps. I'm looking forward to them, except I'm not quite sure how I'd fare with P.E. seeing as I'm soooo unfit. I guess, it's a good time as any to start becoming fitter, as I engage in sporting activities 3 hours a week for the next few weeks, eh? Oh and yeah, I also have a lecture for four weeks to prepare us for our next major practicum next year.
  • Books and reading - For some reason, I'm finding snippets of time to catch up on some light reading lately. Not a lot, admittedly. But, more than I thought is possible. That's why I've been visiting the library a fair bit recently. And, I'm really happy about it. I definitely hope to keep this up!
  • Writing and Blogging - Of course, these activities are always on my radar. However, lately, I've been thinking a bit more about them. In fact, on the writing front, I even started a new fiction project on my writing software. And, I've been "living" that project every chance I get. Blogging's never far from my mind, as you can probably imagine. For all sorts of reasons.
  • Main Online Project - This one's not going as fast as I hoped it would. But, it's moving. And, I suppose that's the main thing. We're making progress. The site's being redesigned and I'm trying to put together some finishing touches to get it ready for launch. Hopefully, soon!
  • Baking - Yep, I am still obsessed. I haven't baked as much as I'd like, though. I think, the most recent goodies I've made are Jen's yummy Banana Cake (highly recommended recipe!) and a batch of double chocolate cupcakes (based on some mashed-up recipes). I've definitely been spending a fair bit of time researching the next baking goody that I'll try to make.
  • Movies / Cinema / TV - This is partly due to the fiction writing project that I mentioned earlier (that's about as far as I can share at this stage!). And, well... partly due to the guy you see pictured in today's photo collage. For those of you who aren't familiar with that absolutely gorgeous guy, his name is Tom Wisdom. He's a British actor who starred as Astinos in the film "300" and as Ian in the chick flick "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2". And most recently, as (Midnight) Mark in the UK comedy "The Boat That Rocked" (will be released as "Pirate Radio" in the US later in the year). I am not usually the 'fan girl' variety, that's why I very rarely mention celebrities, movies, or TV shows here - and when I do, they're usually in passing. So, I am a bit embarrassed to admit to becoming such a nerdy fan girl at the moment. In fact, my 'fandom' is so massive right now, I can't capture it in to one single blog post. Perhaps, if I get over my embarrassment, I might actually find the nerve to blog more about it. Maybe I'll just call it 'the broadening of my horizons/interests'. Right? Ahhh... well. 🙂
  • End of Winter - Well, not quite. But yes, we're almost there! We're still getting some lovely rains and the chilly mornings/evenings. However, we're definitely getting more sunny days. And, the trees in our garden are beginning to blossom again. Such a wonderful sight! Really looking forward to warmer days now...
  • S Studio's Anniversary Month - Yes, I just realised that shaicoggins.com is turning 9 years old this month. I never got in to the habit of celebrating this anniversary, so I keep forgetting about it. Last year, I set up an iCal reminder so I can remember it this year. But now, I am not even sure what I can do to celebrate. Hmmm...

What's on YOUR mind lately?

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