9 Most Popular Posts from Studio Notes for its 9th Year

9 Most Popular Posts at the Studio for its 9th Year

As promised, I'm sharing with you the 9 most popular posts written and posted on the site within the last year (end of August 2008 to early August 2009). This is based on the current stats showing on Google Analytics -

1. How to Make a Bucket Hat {Creativity Weekend} - This is definitely one of the most popular posts here at the Studio. I still have to figure out a better way to share the file, as I've been getting so many requests. Since I don't own the file, I hesitate to host it on my own account. But yeah, it continues to get a lot of views and comments.

2. Pakistani Chicken Curry Recipe - When I shared this recipe for my so-called 'signature dish', I didn't realise how popular it will be.

3. Chilli Crabs Recipe {or How to Cook SIngapore-Style Crabs with Chili Sauce} - Another popular recipe!

4. 12 Things to Make and Do with Strawberries - A list of things that you can do with strawberries. With links to recipes and other strawberry ideas.

5. 5 Quotes on How to Motivate People - It's interesting to note that this is the only self-development post that made it to this list. Not that I create a lot of these types of posts lately.

6. Inspiration Café: Ann Whitford Paul, author of "Writing Picture Books" - Really cool to see one of the interviews getting a decent amount of traffic.

7. Chocolate Crinkles Recipe - This is the most recent recipe that I shared here at the Studio.

8. Scones with Cream + Jam Recipe - Yep - another recipe.

9. Creativity Weekend: Punch Art Flower Collage - One of my artsy projects that seem to be inspiring a few folks.

Looking at this information, I found it interesting that:

  • More than half on this list were written and posted last November 2008, during my daily blogging challenge for NaBloPoMo . It makes me think that some of my more inspired posts were written under pressure of a schedule (and a theme!). So maybe, I should try more of that approach to blogging again.
  • 5 out of these 9 posts were all about food! And, this is not even a food blog. Not strictly anyway. But, I know I have incorporated this topic, as the Studio has evolved more in to a "Personal Lifestyles" blog.
  • Art and craft projects also seem to be quite popular.

Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed reading all about these posts from the last year. I certainly had fun looking back.

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