Top 9 Goals for Studio Notes for its 9th Year

target-browser.jpgSome of you might know how much I like goal setting. Sure, I don't always complete each goal I set for myself. But, it's nice to check which ones I do get to accomplish. So, for the Studio's 9th year, I'd like to set some goals. We'll check back here next year to see how many of them I get to do. Now, here we go...

1. Complete the 52WoC Project. This was meant to be just a year-long project. So yeah, it's taking a lot longer to finish. But, I guess, at least we're still at it. And, I'm now determined to complete it. Hopefully, before this year is over. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, we're on Task 44 now. So, just just 8 more to go! Yay.

2. Do my 100 Things List. I already said that I've been meaning to do this for some time now. But, I still haven't gotten myself to do it. A couple of days ago, I found this post where I said that I intend to do it. Then, today, Nenette reminded me about this again. Must be some kind of heebie jeebie sign. So I think I better get it done on or before the Studio's 10th anniversary. In case I get the 100 Things jinx or something if I don't.

3. Do more about my Top Commentators/Commenters list. Right now, those who make it to the list of the month end up with links back to their sites/blogs as a way to say thank you. And, since I don't have a lot of time to blog-hop (I tend to stick to my blog reader), I use that list as my starting point if I ever get some spare moments to visit blogs and to leave comments. I hope to visit the blogs in that top list a lot more often. And, give them more thanks and such.

4. Add all 52WoCers in the Directory. Yes, I wish to add links back to every single person who ever participated in 52WoC in the participants' list. I already started the list some time back, but haven't had the chance to add everyone in yet. So hopefully, I'll get to do that in the next few months.

5. Blog more. I know I say this all the time. And, most days, it's really hard to get stuff going. But, I know I'll keep trying. I mean, anyone remember my 1,000 blog post target? Well, I started that challenge back in July 2005, with 81 posts. Four years later, I've only managed to get up to 657 (this post is 658th). Considering how long I've been blogging, that's not a lot. Granted, I took down a lot of my early posts pre-May 2004, that's why my archive doesn't go back very far. But, I probably should've met my 1,000th post in three years since posting that challenge. Since I haven't, I'm now making it my goal to finally get out of my wannabe-1000 blog post list and on to my 1,000 Blog Posts Club on or before my 10th year anniversary. That means I need to post 342 times in the next 365 days. Yikes. That's almost 1 blog post a day. Near to impossible, I have to admit. But, I will definitely try!

6. Create at least 3 new features on Studio Notes. I already have some ideas on what they might be. But, I will spend some time thinking and planning things through first. Let's see how it goes!

7. Update my Galleries. Ever since this blog went back to WordPress (almost 2 years ago), I have only managed to re-establish 3 sections in my online galleries. I used to have about almost a dozen when I was running it on a different CMS. So, I'm hoping that I'd find the time to get more galleries back up.

8. Do more multimedia. I've been a big supporter of multimedia blogging for many years, and yet, I realised that I haven't done much on them right here at the Studio. I mean, I'm happy that I'm able to post more photos lately. Most of my posts are accompanied with images nowadays. But, I'm hoping to share more using different types of media. That's why I'm hoping that from hereon, there will be more videos, audio, and even slideshows right here.

9. Keep working with an editorial calendar. Yep, a blogging schedule of sorts. I think this is especially important if I wish to meet my 1,000 blog post target by next year. So, with that in mind, here's that rough blogging calendar/schedule that I hope to work with for now (Not sure if I can blog daily, but will definitely try to plan around this sched somehow; not strictly, but more as a guideline, especially when I'm feeling stuck or uninspired)-

Mondays โ€“ Miscellaneous Mondays - I've always liked how this worked for me previously, so I think I'll keep it there for now. Just gives me the flexibility to write about different things at least one day a week

Tuesdays โ€“ Reviews/Recommendations or Interviews - This will include Inspiration Cafรฉ (when I do them), best of stuff, movies, books, etc.

Wednesdays โ€“ Webby World and Geeky Goodness - Anything and everything about my online world and technology matters, including but not limited to, Web Wednesdays, 52WoC, gadgets, etc.

Thursdays โ€“ Inspiration and Ideas - These things may cover things like 'Fashion Finds', Look of the Week (which, btw, I'm hoping to rename some time!), self-help notes, online shopping, personal development, etc.

Fridays โ€“ People, Things, and Places - I'm hoping to reserve a spot in the schedule for just about anything else I might fancy writing about - including culture, sport, travel, favourite things, etc. I know there's already Miscellaneous Monday, but I thought I'd allocate another day where I can have a flexible blogging day. Maybe I'll use this for my multimedia blogging. Who knows. We'll just have to see!

Saturdays โ€“ Home Life โ€“ Similar to my last schedule, I'm going to try for posts on food, drinks, and other dining experiences, as well as other home-related topics like decorating, gardening, shopping, cooking, parenting, marriage, family, etc.

Sundays โ€“ Creativity Weekend - Another one from my early blogging schedule. I'm hoping that keeping this in here will give me a chance to share some more artsy craftsy creative stuff.

So, there you go. My goals and plans for the coming year of Studio Notes. And yeah, a rough idea of what I'm hoping to continue sharing right here. If you have any suggestions/ideas, do let me know. I'd love to receive your feedback.

In any case, I hope that you enjoy whatever Studio Notes may bring you in its 9th year. Again, thanks for all your support!

Much love and hugs,


P.S. - Hey, 'wanna read my not-so-serious (?!) goals? Then, please read on...

The not-so-serious side of Studio Notes' 9th year goals:

Since we've covered the more serious aspects of the Studio's goals, I thought I ought to write some of my wilder thoughts on the Studio and my blogging/writing practice here (sort of) -

1. Take my self less seriously. This is so contrary to my nature. I tend to write very seriously. I guess, that's why I envy those who can just write tongue-in-cheek or something. So, I'm hoping to unleash more humour in my writing. Whatever I can muster from wherever deep, deep inside. Way deep.

2. Be more fearless. I keep saying this over and over. But, I am still scared a lot of the time. Petrified, actually. Some people I know seem to think that I dare a lot. That I risk a lot. Maybe I do in some cases. But, in reality, I have a lot of fears that I can't let go of. Sometimes, I make myself sick in the stomach from anxiety. I need to be less afraid and more courageous. Braver.

3. Let go of my dark side every now and then. We all have it. That dark side. That part that gets angry, huffy and bitchy. I tend not to vent. Not in public anyway. Sometimes, not even to my closest friends. I tend to keep all of it to myself. Every now and then though, I let my claws and fangs out. I give free reign to my Inner Biatch. Sometimes, just in a healthy, cathartic way. But, there are times when it does more damage than I expect - especially when I've got too much pent up stuff going on. Maybe... if I allow myself to let go of it more... in the healthy, cathartic way variety - I'll have better control of it. Maybe. We'll see. Just remember: You've been warned. ๐Ÿ˜‰

4. Open up myself a bit more. This might be a strange thing to say, especially since this is still a personal blog. But, over the years, I have learned to say something about me without saying much about me. I don't know if that made sense. All I know is that I want to see if I can give more of me, without losing much of me. Makes sense? Ah, you know it does.

5. Stop being scared of my awesomeness. Okay, I confess that even as I write this, I am cringing. I am not in the habit of tooting my own and things like that. Having grown up in a very Catholic environment (went to Catholic schools from age 6 to 20) - I have come to think that anything resembling pride will lead me straight to hell. Or something like that. So, somehow that insane thinking got all muddled and messed up with having a decent amount of self confidence and all that. So, while I am not entirely timid, and I can muster up much more confidence now than I've ever had in my life, I still need some serious self-therapy when it comes to giving myself some praise. As in, real praise (not necessarily the narcissistic variety!). In fact, someone I know told me not so long ago that I had "modesty issues". At the time, I questioned that sentiment. After all, how can modesty be an issue? But now, I'm slowly learning to see what that really entails... So, watch out, world.

6. Dare to be controversial. Not just for the sake of being controversial, of course. But, for the sake of being real. You see, I tend to keep my mouth shut about issues and such matters. Not necessarily because of fear (although there is that, too - esp. fear of being wrong). Definitely not apathy. It's just that I don't like having to disagree with people... or having people disagree with me. However, I know that that's silly. I can still abide by "Live and Let Live" (or rather "Think and Let Think"?) principle... But, I realise now that if I don't say what I think, then how can I actually affect change? I am slowly learning how to do this in real life, so this should hopefully find its way to my blog too.

7. Forget perfection. Really seriously. I mean, sure, I should keep trying to do my best to write my absolute best posts each and every time. But, I really should not let the fear of making mistakes or being wrong or doing something 'not good enough' stop me from blogging and sharing. I can't tell you the amount of times that I stopped myself from blogging because of these things. Had I not, I probably would've met my 1,000 posts goal a long time ago. But then, if I don't care too much about perfection, maybe I won't care about meeting such goals in the first place anyway. Meh.

8. Love more. In more ways than one.

9. Be. More. Brief. After this extra long post, I'm pretty sure you won't trust me to keep this goal, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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