52WoC Party#9 {9th Blog Anniversary Bash!}

Baked GoodiesAh, my apologies for the mix-up on this post. You see, this seemed to have gone "live" on a pre-set date. So, even though I wasn't quite finished with the post, it just got published while I was away. So, sorry about that.

As some of you may have heard via my social networks, the delay for this party is due to my li'l girl getting sick over the weekend. Unfortunately, she became so weak and dehydrated that she had to be rushed to hospital on Monday morning. So, everything else had to be put on hold.

In any case, she's doing much better now. Under observations still, but hopefully, on the way to recovery. And, I'm also hoping that we won't have to make many more emergency trips to the hospital. Soooo stressful and exhausting.

Anyway, with that aside for now, it's time for us here at the Studio to have our little 52WoC party to celebrate. Please grab some virtual party food - I prepared some of my yummy baked goodies for you all... scones, banana cake, pandesal, blueberry muffins, crescent bread rolls (my attempt at making croissants!), and chocolate brownies...

Now, on to our party participants. Each one's a raffle entry to win two prizes on offer: a party pack gift and a $25 Paypal cash or certificate to Flickr, etc (winner's choice). So, here we go...

Here are our 52WoC#41: Your Top 10 List participants -

Now, our 52WoC#42: Reconnection participants -

Then, we have our 52WoC#43: From Online to Real Life participants -

And finally, our 52WoC #44: Your Blogging Beginnings participants -

And, the winners are (name #1 wins party pack & #2 wins the $25 winner's choice)...


Also, as promised, we're doing an extra raffle draw for our commenters during our Anniversary Week. The winner of this raffle will receive another party pack gift. And, here are our contenders* -

  • Kari (8)
  • Melissa W (3)
  • Em Dy (1)
  • Rachel Cotterill (3)
  • Kay (3)
  • blue rose (4)
  • Jodi (1)
  • Sue Silverman (4)
  • Patricia (1)
  • Lynn Stevens (2)

* The numbers in parenthesis indicate the number of times they have left a comment during the week-long celebration posts. Each comment is a raffle entry.

And, the winner is...


So, congratulations, Kari, Melissa W, and Rachel! Please email me your mailing address so I can send you your gifts.

Also, thanks so much to everyone else who participated in our 9th anniversary celebrations. It's great to have been able to enjoy this milestone with all of you. May we have many many more virtual parties here at the Studio.

All the best,


This is Post 9 out of 9 for the Studio's 9th Blog Anniversary
We will return to our 'regular' programming shortly. 🙂

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