Web Wednesday #25: A Bit of Home Comfort…

Web Wednesday with Shai CogginsI must confess. I didn't realise how many of you really enjoy Web Wednesday until recently. This is partly thanks to our current poll here at the Studio. So, to all of you who already voted and shared your thoughts - a BIG THANK YOU.

In any case, I will try to keep your feedback in mind and give you all more WWs. 🙂

  • Bread recipes - As some of you might know, I've been possessed by the baking spirits. I have this serious need to bake stuff. In any case, I found this site with lots and lots of interesting bread recipes. I hope to try some of the recipes that interest me. Like this English Muffin recipe. Mmm...
  • Corn muffin recipe - Writing of baking and recipes, I've recently tried making these corn bread muffins (a'la Kenny Rogers) recently. And wowsers. They are soooo yum. They didn't last very long at home. Will definitely make them again. And again.
  • Top Secret Recipes - And since we're on the subject of food and hacked recipes, there's this site that shares all sorts of hacked recipes - from a McDonald's Big Mac burger to a Wendy's Frosty. So now, you can create some popular fast food meals right in your own kitchen. Apparently, this site has been around for a while now but I've only just discovered it.
  • On self-appreciation - Whether you're an Oprah/Martha Beck fan or not, you might find some nuggets of inspiration that will help you to make you feel right at home with yourself in this article.
  • The Longest Way Home - One guy's search for a home becomes the subject of this interesting travel blog. It particularly caught my interest because he's currently sharing his experiences whilst travelling in the Philippines.
  • Web Colour Chart - Another nifty tool if you need some guidelines on web colours for your home on the web.
  • The Selby - Here's a site/blog dedicated to sharing pictures of creative and different living spaces. Gorgeous stuff.
  • Awkward Family Photos - I shared this via my social networks a few weeks ago. But, I don't think I've put it here just yet. So, here you go. Lots of strange and weird family photos to look at. Just be warned: It's hilariously addictive.

And, even though I am not really a massive Chaser fan, this video definitely gave me a case of the giggles when I watched it -

Note: For those who're not familiar with the guy featured in this song/gag - it's our very own Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd.

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