On Films, Clive Owen, and The Boys are Back movie

the-boys-are-back-movie.jpgSo, my current obsession with films that I talked about recently continue to persist. I have been watching movies every chance I get. Yes, even if it means viewing films for 15 minutes at a time if I don't have a 2+-hour block to dedicate to movie-watching.

I partly blame this obsession on being nearly film-starved for about 5+ years.

Movies (and novels), you see, have become rarities in my life P.C. (post-children). But now, I'm trying to catch up on movie-watching (and novel-reading!).

And, one of the movies that I've been wanting to watch is King Arthur, which was released in 2004 (coincidentally, the year I became a mum!). It stars British actors Clive Owen and Keira Knightley, among others. So, I ended up buying it when I saw it on a DVD sale at Sanity.

Anyway, as part of my film obsession, I often end up Googling the films I watch - and some of its actors. Since Clive Owen plays the title role of King Arthur, I tried to catch up on reading about him.

That's when I found out about this upcoming movie called The Boys are Back, which is directed by accomplished South Australian director Scott Hicks. And, wow. I couldn't believe that they've made the movie in Mr Hicks' home state - South Australia - in 2008. Yes, MY current home state. How did I miss that? Shows you how little I followed entertainment and celebrities!

In any case, the trailer for the film was just recently released (see below). And, I'm already excited to watch this movie. Not only am I mildly enamored with Clive Owen, I also like what I see by way of story in the movie trailer.

Plus, it's quite exciting to see some familiar spots being featured in the movie. In the trailer, you can see Adelaide Airport, which is a place that I regularly visit. The trailer also showed The Advertiser office, which is a place I went to when I got interviewed and photographed for a feature story in the paper. Then, there are the countryside scenes that show some of the beauty of this land that I now call home.

So yeah, I'm definitely going to be watching out for The Boys are Back. I heard that it's going to be shown soon in the Toronto International Film Festival (10-19 September '09). And, it's due to be released on the 12th of November here in Australia.

For now, here's what we can watch -

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