Style Studio: The Fringe

Style Studio: The Fringe

I've been trying to play around with having a proper fringe* over the last few months. But, for some reason, it hasn't ever worked out. Well, not quite anyway. Either the hairdresser couldn't get it right or my hair just wouldn't cooperate ('guessing it's due to being so used to my usual side part!). Or perhaps, there's something in my psyche that was just fighting against the idea, as they reminded me too much of the bob-and-bangs* cut that I absolutely loathed as a kid.

So, even though I wanted a fringe, I haven't managed to do a straight one. Just kept a sideways fringe or an asymmetrical fringe.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to take out a pair of scissors to cut my own hair. Yep - gave myself this fringe. Still not a full-on one, though. But, a real fringe nevertheless.

I'm liking the look right now, even though I'm still trying to figure out whether or not this hairstyle's making me look like 12 --- or I'm just thinking that because of my childhood association with the fringe. Meh.

And yes, folks. I decided to change "Look of the Week" to "Style Studio" from hereon, as I'm finding it strange to call things "look of the week" when I'm mostly posting my style posts just once a month or so. Besides, I also thought I might expand to covering general fashion/beauty in this section of the Studio. Still with a self-portrait twist, as much as possible.

Hair Accessories:

  • (Left pic) Silver braided fabric headband - I'm really loving headbands at the moment. This is one of my favourites. I bought them from the Adelaide Souvenir Shop at the CBD. AU$3!
  • (Right pic) Brown barrettes - I don't usually wear barrettes (or hair clips), as they normally can't handle my thick hair. These ones seem to be okay, when styled correctly. And yes, my hair's wavy in this one using heated curlers. 'will talk more about one of my new favourite hair gadgets one of these days!

*fringe - I used to call 'em 'bangs' but people seem to refer to 'em as fringe here in Oz. So, I got used to the term 'fringe' now.

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