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It's one of those cool dates in numbers - the 9th of September 2009 (09-09-09). So, I can't pass up the opportunity to post something. Especially since Studio Notes has just celebrated turning 9!

I'm not really in to numerology or anything like that. But, I thought it might be fun to record what I was doing at 9:09 (AM and PM) today -

9:09 am - Still at home, getting ready for my 3-hour seminar at the Uni (Theories of Behaviour Management). I was supposed to attend a Science lecture at 9am, but was running late so decided to skip the lecture. Eeeps.

9:09 pm - Doing some domestic night-time routines... and jumping on and off on my Mac.

Other random memories for the day:

  • Led a group discussion during said seminar today. Lecturer seemed impressed with my desktop publishing skills, when I presented my summary in a formatted style (just using a template in MS Word!).
  • My car key got all twisted/bent. Got worried it might break. Since hubby's going away to attend a conference overseas, he wanted peace of mind that I get a decent working car key before he goes. And, since shops are closed, he decided to call in a locksmith on an emergency. So, ended up with a $165 bill for getting a key cut, when normally, it would've only just cost $10. Don't you just hate that sort of thing? Ergh.
  • Hubby and kids went to the Royal Adelaide Show without me (I was at Uni). And apparently, they had a fab time! Wished I was there.
  • The Boy had a "speaking role" during his school assembly today. Missed it too, but hubby recorded it on video.

What about you? What's your 09-09-09 like?

Oh, and just for kicks - here are some linkies that I enjoyed recently: The Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made(NY Times), The Best Ways to Teach Kids How to Read (O Magazine), and Printable Lists (How about Orange). The printable lists include: Things To Do, Blogging Topics, and Grocery Lists. Really cool!

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