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The Boy in HospitalWhen someone you care about gets hurt or sick, no matter how many ideas, plans, or dreams you might have, everything gets put on hold.

That's sort of how it felt like the last few days when my eldest child ran high fevers and complained of stomach pains. He was taken to the doctors a couple of times before finally going to the hospital yesterday for some tests.

Thankfully, after a shot of IV and some meds, The Boy's health started to improve. He is not 100% yet, but he seems to be on the mend. We got back on home ground this evening.

What a relief!

Unfortunately, this scenario has happened more often than we'd like over the last few months. For some reason, the kids seem to have fallen ill a lot more than usual this year. Three hospital stays (two overnighters and one 3-day stay) in about five months, I think. Plus, all the other non-hospital sick moments we've had.

Times like these, The Hubby and I really feel the pain of living so far away from relatives. Yes, the kids have no grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins to call on easily, as our relations are dispersed in different countries (Philippines, South Africa, USA, and UK). We're the only ones living here in Oz.

On one hand, it's good exercise to find different ways to make things work within our family unit. On the other hand, it can get really tough and lonely.

I mean, I find it even sad knowing that my younger brother and his wife haven't even met the kids yet (and his kids haven't met my hubby and their cousins). And, my other brother hasn't met The Girl yet. At least, not officially anyway. Skype Video helps to bridge the gap though, as we've all managed some kind of virtual family reunions every now and then. Gotta love technology for that, hey?

And yes, even though The Hubby's sister and her husband haven't met The Girl yet either, they'll be able to do so this December. During the upcoming Big Trip. We're all so looking forward to it!

It's really incredible how things look different during moments when life shines on things that matter most, isn't it?

Pic Note: Yep, that's The Boy. Photo taken at the hospital today, using Neve's camera phone function, with the aid of a new mini gadget (will talk more about this in another post!). Edited with Photoshop CS4 (+ a bit of Picasa).   

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